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New quality evaluation survey. YOUR CONFIDENCE IS RISING

4 noviembre, 2010 por

One quarter has gone by since the last survey conducted by us at the end of June, from which we can say that we have taken the best road. In this new edition of our quality survey, we can verify that our ongoing improvement plans give excellent results.


Once again, the prestigious independent international consultancy STERIA undertook a survey of the satisfaction of our clients. The respondents gave their opinions on:

  • The quality of our information services provided to those interested.
  • The relations and experience from the moment of purchase to the delivery of the keys to their residence.
  • Our after-sale service, so important for all those who acquire their residence.

The excellent rating with which the work of the human team of URBINCASA is qualified makes us aspire more to improve in order to gain our clients’ highest rating of satisfaction, which is ours. To achieve this we continue to work hard every day, consolidating well done work, and endeavouring to improve by virtue of our relations with our clients. We want their experience at the time of purchase – one that we know could be the dream of their lives – to be a happy memory without any kind of “buts”.

This is why we are most grateful for your cooperation and the confidence that you have in URBINCASA.

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