Discovering the Costa Blanca (Alicante) with Russian agencies

Agencias de Rusia

Russia is a country that is far away but more and more Russian people choose to live along the Spanish coast. This situation is creating relationships between Spanish and Russian and steadily our knowledge about this distant country is increasing.

Last week we shared a day with several agencies from Russia who came to know the Costa Blanca.

As you might know, in recent years, the Russian market is a market that we aim at actively, and it was for these activities that we were nominated an award this summer. More and more Russian agencies are interested in our homes in Alicante and therefore we received a number of representatives in Alicante and we were showing them some of the areas in which Urbincasa has properties for sale.

We started the day with a coffee at the marina of Alicante, to briefly visit the capital of the province. They realized the proximity between the city of Alicante and the different developments of Urbincasa. Despite of the weather, unfortunately it was not one of the 320 yearly sunny days, the agents loved the marina of Alicante. Our Residential Montefaro was the next stop. The duplexes in Santa Pola and common areas impressed the real estate agents of Russia.

We took a short break in our sales office in Montefaro to explain some things to the agents and also to recharge the batteries after the walk along the private residential. We discussed the possibility of buying the houses completely furnished, much to their liking, because everybody loved the decoration (our decorating team is very happy!). You can see the houses in more detail in our Flickr profile.

We finished the day in the Residential Puertomarino in Guardamar where the agents enjoyed visiting the show house and some of the apartments and were impressed by the sea views. They were struck by the beauty of the surroundings, the river “Segura” (right next to our residential), the protected pine forest and the marina where we shared a nice lunch.

It was a real pleasure to show the wonderful coast of Alicante and our different options for living on the Costa Blanca.

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