Magnolia Residential First Stone

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Since many years at Urbincasa we celebrate a very special day with the residents of our new developments. When the works are sufficiently advanced we get together to place the “First Stone”. Last month we have done so with the future residents of Residence Magnolia.

Every time we start a new project, every step, every item within the process management has its focus on several important moments, one of which we celebrated last month.

The act of the First Stone is a very emotive one in the process of building a new Residential because it is the moment when future neighbors meet for the first time. Also they write down their illusions and place it in the time capsule that will remain forever in the “foundation” of the urbanization.

At the end of the day, a new home is a new life filled with wishes and dreams. Urbincasa is delighted to take part in creating this new future and therefore we celebrate it all together.

A new Residential are many new homes where families will be formed and special moments will be created and therefore it is also an achievement that fills us –the Urbincasa team- with great satisfaction. We took the pleasure in burying also our own time capsule with our best wishes and dreams for the future.

Urbinequipo primera piedra magnoliaMany thanks to all the neighbors with whom we had the pleasure of sharing this moment and to all the Urbincasa team members who put their effort to create a successful event.

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