Buying or renting: the everlasting question.

comprar o alquilar casa

When the time comes, the eternal question when searching a home is what kind of housing is the right one. Urbincasa always answers: the one which suits your needs and your lifestyle the best.

Many people do not even know whether to buy or rent a house. It is the question you usually ask us, but we do not have just one unique useful answer for everybody, for each and every one of you is a unique person. Buying a property is a crucial decision, because it will affect many others coming after that, such as children’s school. That is why it is so important to consider all the options before embarking on this adventure, to asses your situation and circumstances and to take advice from real estate experts.

When is renting the most suitable option?

Renting is a less transcendent option than buying a property, for you just need to read and understand the renting agreement you are going to sign and to make sure you have the financial cover to afford the deposit and the real estate agency fees. This is much easier than buying, isn’t it?comprar o alquilar casa

If you have made your mind up to rent instead of buying, be aware that handling the monthly payment is the main difficulty you may find. Be sure to keep up payments so you can go on enjoying your home.

That said, renting is an interesting option if we have to move from time to time for any reason, and, quite often, renting will let you enjoy a better place.

When should you buy a property?

Buying a property means a new perspective of life, starting a new stage. Becoming “owner” may make you see your home in a new light; you are going to feel like decorate it according to your tastes and lifestyle, choosing your furniture, using your favourite colours, giving it life. It is your truly home, and you feel it, but, do not forget, if you own a house, you are meant to pay the corresponding taxes, the maintenance, and the services charges.

The key advantage of buying a property comes from the fact that any time or money invested in it remains yours; any work to improve your home becomes an investment for life and adds value to the property.Comprar o alquilar casa

Buying a property makes you owner of a good, which means you can bequeath it to your children or other descendants; and, in case you need to move, you can always rent it for the time you are going to live away.

To sum up, renting can be the best option for you if you need to move from time to time, but buying a property will let you create your own home and start dreaming of your future.

So… Shall you buy or shall you rent?

If you have not made your mind up yet, listen to these . Children always tell the truth and make you have a good laugh for sure.


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