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Feeling young again with a new look – Urbincasa

March 7th, 2016 by

decoracion de la oficina

A fresh breeze is airing our headquarter. The technical department has a more modern, colourful, and friendly new look: a new space has been designed to promote creativity and teamwork.

Did you know the office where we work is in the building Urbincasa first built? It was in 1967! These walls have witnessing nearly fifty years of stories. During this time, alterations and refurbishments have been undertaken. The last one took place several years ago, when our commercial department moved to a new, cozy place, to receive our customers as they deserve: Urbincasa Shop, downtown.

This time, the turn was for the logistic area, the company nerve centre, to be at the height of the rest of the company, for our philosophy is making things right inside and outside.

Our workmates deserved and office with a class touch, just like the one the commercial department is already enjoying. We looked for a beautiful, cozy, useful decoration.

The practical aspect had always had a predominant influence on the headquarter design, but we felt we could start imagining a more beautiful place to work in. It was easy, since we were like facing a white canvas to draw in. We have been free to shape spaces, to change and organise furniture, and to create a cheerful, dynamic work place.

We started thinking about it and we made our wish list:

– A communal room to rest, celebrate, relax or meet our work mates.

– A retreat place for thinking, imagining and being creative.

– A place to become, more than colleagues, friends.

We decided to paint the walls in yellow, a cheerful, stimulating colour that represents our company; we also needed a table and some chairs in a modern style; and, of course, a cupboard, and a fridge to keep provisions for several months. The furniture is in light colours and simple design in order to highlight the walls colours that separate the different spaces.

decoracion de la oficina

By this special place we can find the TI and Communication and Marketing departments colleagues workplaces. They work hand in hand in an open space, this let us keep you up to date by telling you about what happens in our company live and direct.

Now we also have a new meeting point in the office, a corner with a big chalkboard: so easy to get as painting a wall and so funny as displaying our ideas by using chalks: back to school days! It is so useful and decorative… We draw and write our plans, tasks and programmes there; we can change the appearance of the office depending on the season with just a few chalk lines; and this element also proves we are team working for it is a practical way to share any thought with our mates. This corner has become the perfect place to discuss and find solutions to any issue.

decoracion oficina

Next to the chalkboard we have placed a notice board, not the usual but a funny one. It consists of several wires where we can share and display any information we consider important, interesting or just funny by using pins. A brilliant idea we design and create ourselves.

decoracion oficina

The meeting room and the administration area have also been refurbished and our work mates enjoy now natural light in their own offices, safe from the smashing Marketing department. They miss us for sure!

The works lasted two weeks, bur a new, organized, functional, creative, cheerful work place is worth all the efforts and troubles. What else could we ask to feel happy at the office? Ah! An office-warming part? We have it too!

Creating a pleasant atmosphere, with places to calm down, comfortable desks and a cozy meeting room must be the goals when decorating a work place.

This post was originally written by Cristina Ruiz, and was published in our magazine Entrelares, 6th issue. Download the magazine HERE.

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