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Have you tried “Caldero” and “Marinera” in Cabo de Palos yet?

April 5th, 2016 by

ruta caldero y la marinera

ruta caldero y la marineraThe “caldero” and “marinera” tapas route is being held this month of April for the third consecutive year.

More than 40 bars and restaurants are taking part in the event this year. They are offering a “caldero tapa” or “marinera” for 5 € and 2 € respectively, including a drink (beer or soft-drink).

Caldero is a traditional dish from Cartagena and Mar Menor area consisting of soupy rice cooked in fish stock, whereas the “marinera” consists of a bite of Russian salad served with anchovy in brine. Both are delicious.

This year, the route is being held from 1st April to 17th April in La Manga, Cabo de Palos, Playa Paraíso, and other places surrounding Mar Menor.

How does this route work?

As many other “tapas” routes in Spain, this “Caldero and Marinera Tapas Route” proposes a gastronomic bites at a fixed price in all the restaurants and bars that take part in the event.

Every time one tries a “caldero tapa” or “marinera”, one can have your route map stamped (available here and here). After having got at least five different stamps, one can vote the best “caldero” or “marinera” and take part in a raffle.

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