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Spain, spearheading electric mobility

February 28th, 2019 by


Currently Spain is ranking as the fifth country in the world with most recharging points for electric vehicles, in a ranking where the autonomous communities (regions) of Valencia and Murcia occupy, respectively, the fourth and tenth positions in Spain.

Touring the entirety of Spain from start to end in an electric vehicle will be possible in just a few months, principally thanks to the fact that the main energy companies – Endesa, Iberdrola, EDP, etc. – are installing, in record time, numerous public and private charging points throughout the country, many of which in the coastal area of ​​the “Levante Español”. This will enable drivers to be in the proximity of a charging point wherever they go, at a distance of less than a 100 kilometres, thus being able to travel autonomously.

The effort of a whole sector has turned Spain into the fifth country in the world with most charging points for electric vehicles, second only to the United States of America, France, Germany and the Netherlands. An excellent position in the ranking, prepared by Unieléctrica with data provided by INE and Electromaps, which places Valencia and Murcia at the fourth and tenth positions respectively, of the seventeen Spanish Autonomous Regions.

Reaching the top 5 of countries with most charging points is an important achievement for Spain that, in large part, is due to the fact that the different initiatives to promote electric mobility within Spain have been accompanied by large investments made by the companies themselves, as well as the institutional support and commitment of the different Public Administrations.

The electricity (and natural gas) company Endesa presented an ambitious plan to launch over 108.000 charging points for electric vehicles last November, to be implemented throughout the next five years, and with the particularity of the electricity supplied in publicly accessible charging points being exclusively renewable energy, ensuring it will come from 100% clean sources.

A similar strategy is being carried out by Iberdrola, which last September unveiled its “Smart Mobility Plan”, to favour the development and implementation of the electric vehicle in Spain, which includes the deployment of one of the largest networks of fast (50 kW), super fast (150 kW) and ultra fast (350 kW) charging stations in the world.

That the future of sustainable mobility lies in this sector is something no one questions anymore. To the extent that oil/petrol companies like Repsol are decidedly competing to not be left out of this market, allying themselves with firms of reference and reputation in the recharging services sector, as well as promoting research and development programs for technologies related to the electric vehicle.

Links of interest

The electric mobility boom has boosted a series of parallel applications and services such as online portals that offer exhaustive information on vehicles, dealerships and specialized workshops, as well as information and maps regarding the nearest charging points; very useful tools that will come in handy when planning a trip. One of these portals is electromaps.com, where you can check the recharging points by provinces. Below you can find the links to the Alicante and Murcia provinces.

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