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How do I organize my game room?

March 15th, 2019 by

Today we are going to talk about how you can get a room prepared for the leisure world, to enjoy video games and movies.

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To answer this question, we may consider a variety of materials that will help us solve this problem. For this purpose, we will be using a space/room that has already been built.

A quick and simple way to insulate walls is cork panels, a material that can be easily found in many stores and the installation of which is very easy.
With cork adhesives, or even conventional (extra) strong glues or adhesives, we are able to adhere the panels to our walls.
And once placed, we may always decorate them as we see fit. There are also acoustic panels with different predesigned patterns. It should be noted however, that these panels are a bit more expensive.

The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to insulate the floor is to place carpet or a fitted rug. This undertaking is fairly easy because of the many types and varieties of carpet available to us. To install carpet, a specific adhesive or double-sided adhesive bands can be used.
If you were to employ a professional to help you or install the acoustic insulation, there are other items to take into account, we will mention below.

Fitting a ceiling consists of installing a metallic structure to facilitate the placement of a false ceiling consisting of gypsum boards, and with an added intermediate acoustic insulation, either fiberglass or rock wool / stone wool slabs or rolls.
1st) Metal profiles + Insulation
2nd) Gypsum board placement

To achieve and enjoy total comfort, we cannot do without a good set of windows, whether PVC or aluminium (depending on your budget). For a base minimum when considering options, a composition glass window is worth recommending
6/12/3+3 (Glass 6 mm + Air Camera 12 mm + 2x Laminar Glass 3 mm with Acoustic Polyvinyl butyral – PVB)
Any reform you undertake, also depends on the money you wish to spend, and whether the room in question starts from scratch or is already built. These are just some tips to follow, but there are many more intricate options available.

Apart from having a good acoustic insulation, we need to set up our room and equip it with furniture and electronics.
We could start with a cosy three-module sofa with reclining seats, and a chaise longue.

A good television is a must. It may vary in size depending on the space and distance from the sofa, a 50-inch 4K screen is a perfect option.
It´s better to place the television on furniture, rather than hanging from a wall-mount, to which end we would need a tv-stand, cabinet or tv-unit, with a shelf for movies and/or video games, etc.

Behind this stand we would place the electrical outlets to connect all electronic devices as well as a RJ45 socket providing Internet connection to the television (all modern TVs are equipped).and the gaming console(s).

Next to the television cabinet, we need a sturdy desk with a 24-inch monitor, a comfortable gaming chair. This is where we would place the computer, connected to the monitor as well as the television for maximum comfort and gaming pleasure.

Finally, to put the icing on the cake, a fantastic 5.1 surround sound system that would perfectly distribute sound throughout the game room to complete the experience.
Without going into brands or models (everyone has their own taste and preferences), this summarised description would be my idea of the ideal game room.

Andrés Gallego López
Technical Department

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