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“We like designing and build homes in which we’d love to live”

August 12th, 2019 by

Last 20th June, the newspaper La Verdad collected an interview to our general manager Francisco Cervantes, in the special section “Real Estate”. We reproduce the complete text.

With more than eleven active promotions of houses, Urbincasa is a firm that is characterised by its professional and innovative character. These qualities are the two key principles of Francisco José Cervantes, CEO of the company that has made this firm from Cartagena a model in the field of design and construction. Since it opened its doors, Urbincasa has delivered more than 7,000 homes, in unique locations, to all kinds of clients.

Talking about Urbincasa is talking about a solid project, of a brand of well-known prestige. How is it possible to become a model in the real estate sector in all the Spanish South East?

With work, commitment and a great future vision. We have been working in the South East coast for more than fifty years, offering dream houses in privileged locations. We like designing and building houses where and how we’d love to live, and we always try to be quality leaders in our sector. With more than 7,000 homes delivered, we feel very proud to say that we are real experts and guide in the real estate business.

How many active promotions do you have?

Currently we are working on up to 11 different promotions in prime locations from Benidorm, Playa de San Juan, Alicante, Campoamor, to Mar Menor, Cartagena and Mazarrón. More than 1,200 houses of all kind of typology and prices.

How has Urbincasa been able to transform the real estate sector in the last years? 

By adding passion in all what we do. We encourage curiosity and investigation; we give our team a great freedom to suggest improvements, new systems, innovative equipment… Our final goal is not only to build the best home for our clients but also to protect the profitability of their investment by choosing the best and most demanded locations.

We want to highlight that our Quality and Innovation department, which is in charge of controlling that, during the house construction, the design and quality standards defined are fulfilled and at the same time they control that each home is built according to the personalization instructions of every customer.

This reflects, at the end, in the satisfaction and trust of our customers. Thus, in a recent survey carried out between the months of May and June 2019, 95% of them would recommend us to their friends with a probability higher than 9 out of 10. In fact, more than a third of the sales of Urbincasa come from recommendations of former customers.

As you say, innovation has been also a key element in the trajectory of Urbincasa along its history. What can you tell us about this?

Yes, we have always been pioneers in the sector. More than a decade ago we were experimenting with the first virtual reality glasses of the market, designed a virtual showhouse and opened the doors, then, of the emerging social networks.

Not long after that, we added the first interactive shop window. Through a smart plastic which detected the movement of the fingers, any person interested could handle in a big plasm screen behind the glass of our offices.

Nowadays we are carrying out immersive projects with well-known universities and at the same time we accelerate in the digital transformation. This way, we have in our premises from a multidimensional laboratory where the client and their families experience the life in their new home to our recent interactive table where, emulating the cinematographic Minority Report, our commercial assistants explain the customer all the characteristics of their future home.

An important part of the operations closed in the last months come from foreign citizens. Why do you think they choose Spain as destination of their investments?

Currently, we can estate that Urbincasa is “importing” citizens from all parts of the world to our Region. They are citizens that choose the Spanish South East not only to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives a unique environment, but also there are more and more working families, with highly technological jobs that develop most part of their activity from home (investment analyst, specialists in Big Data, digital marketing professionals, design engineers…) are moving to live in our area providing population and wealth at the same time that they break with the seasonal nature of the coast areas.


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