Urbincasa obtains two seals of quality that certify its solvency in the sale of properties to foreigners

March, 25th. The developer company Urbincasa has obtained two certifying seals of quality which guarantee its solvency in the sale of properties to foreign people. The obtention of these emblems, of well-known prestige, has its origin in an agreement with a legal firm, Fuster & Associates, specialised in international real estate transactions.


The seal “The Fuster Standard” guarantees that Urbincasa fulfils all the quality and legal liability standards to acquire a property with all the legal guarantees.


On the other hand, the developer has achieved the accreditation AIPP (The Association of International Property Professionals), an organization created in 2006 that operates in the international market, whose headquarters is in London and which is formed by 350 members from 28 countries.


Urbincasa positions, this way, as a quality reference company in construction and promotion of properties in the British market. And they take a step further in the qualification and certification of all their services for the buyers.


At the moment, the company has in operation five great home promotions in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia, of a great appeal for buyers of British origins.

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