Francisco José Cervantes: “Our duty now is to protect the employees and the interests of our customers and suppliers”.

Urbincasa's General Manager, Francisco Cervantes
Foto del director general de Urbincasa, Francisco Cervantes

April, 14th. Urbincasa’s General Manager, Francisco Cervantes, has addressed all the company staff in a letter where he manifested that because of the situation caused by the Covid-19, “our duty is to protect the employees and the interests of our customers and suppliers”. “We keep working the as intensely or more than before this health crisis”, he pointed out in order to highlight that the Technical Department has defined “carefully the re-start of the activity with the coordination of all the participating professionals on each working site and the adjust of the plans and work timelines to reduce to the maximum the incidence on the delivery date of the committed homes”. 


“Nothing has stopped in Urbincasa, the materials continue being chosen by our customers and our departments keep on studying and quoting the reforms” stated Francisco Cervantes to indicate that the developer company maintains “the revision of projects and works tender”. Moreover, he adds “We continue with the processing of permits and dealing with loans and guarantees for our customers”. 


In that sense, we are working with the anticipation of possessing the trade contracts, the reforms clauses, the deed files, mortgages and all the procedures of administrative nature. In this field, the procedures have been adapted to the telework that “has come to stay”, stated Cervantes, who remarked as well the effort of the Technology Department who “has performed successfully the brutal necessary leap to facilitate the work from home”. 

The General Manager of Urbincasa explains the commitment to “attend with rapidity to” the payment of contractors and suppliers. “We want to contribute to make the people working with us have all the necessary means to get over this crisis”.


Cervantes has highlighted the labour of the Commercial and Marketing Departments. “The interest in the purchase of our homes is being maintained and we are working, restlessly, in cultivating these contacts”. “We will be again the top of the class as we realised after the long crisis of 2007 – 2014, which placed us on the starting line”, states the General Manager of the developer company who shows the “great traffic registered in all the company’s webs and microsites” with increases up to 2,000 % compared to last year. 


Urbincasa’s General Manager alludes to the business group Zamora Company with the donation of 400,000 euros to social entities. And its collaboration together with other entrepreneurs of the Region of Murcia in order to bring from China sanitary material. “The experience provided by the companies of the group in the import and export of products to the Asia markets is as valuable or more than the funds that are given for the acquisition of these products” He declares. 


Francisco Cervantes concludes remarking the impeccable “process of adaptation” of the whole staff to the new situation, and anticipates that, facing things when they are back to normal, arranged in phases, “we are ready to adjust to these new game rules when we are told them”. 


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