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Everyone’s health depends on yours

September 9th, 2020 by

In Urbincasa we have always been proud of our commitment with the safety of the construction sites and the labour health of all our employees. The #COVID19 has been a litmus test for all the companies in their adaptation and incorporation of the hygienic and sanitary measures recommended by the authorities.

Imagen de la campaña para concienciar del uso de la mascarilla entre las empresas colaboradoras de Urbincasa

The use of masks, distancing, cleanliness, and disinfection of the working spaces. New habits and new rules before a health scenario that unsettles and worries us all.

In this line of commitment, we have taken a step forward, boosting an internal communication campaign addressed to all the collaborating companies with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of following the safety rules established to avoid the spread of the virus.

Our aim is that all the people who collaborate with Urbincasa keep free of the disease. The health of the rest of the workers depends on theirs. It is a matter of all of us and so we are going to make it clear with the diffusion of posters in all our developments and working centres.

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