Interview: “Established, Long-standing Developers Like Urbincasa Are Few and Far Between”

Urbincasa would like to invite you to meet José Luis Ayuso, director of the company’s Technical, Quality and Innovation Department. He addresses several current topics in the interview, including the challenges of construction and market trends, where the role of technology, including artificial intelligence, plays a key role. He also reflects on Urbincasa’s trajectory and success.

José Luis Ayuso, director of the Technical Department of Quality and Innovation at Urbincasa


We can see how the availability of workers and the general challenges faced by the construction sector (lack of materials, increase in costs, etc.) are changing the day-to-day activity of companies. What is Urbincasa doing to adapt to this situation?

At Urbincasa, we are very aware of this widespread problem, which is especially serious in the kinds of coastal areas in which we regularly work. There is a great shortage of qualified labour and this, in addition to causing a significant increase in quality controls, produces cost overruns and delays in deadlines.

In our dealings and contracts with construction companies, we try to ensure that work schedules take into account the steps necessary to purchase materials and hire workers. Our project directors and construction managers monitor all aspects of implementation and are absolutely aware of the importance of meeting partial milestones, which is why follow-up meetings are held weekly. Even so, we continue to experience significant deviations in partial and final deadlines. Meeting deadlines is our main goal at present.

To resolve this situation, we are working with a specialised company on a pilot project based on the Lean Construction work system using the LAST PLANNER SYSTEM method. Each team involved in a project must commit to, monitor and comply with the deadlines and time scales assigned during construction.

The idea is to implement this protocol in all Urbincasa developments by training our technical team and the teams of external construction companies, making compliance with this work system an essential filter for hiring.

“Our 56 years of market experience is a solid guarantee of quality”

The imbalance between supply and demand conditions the functioning of the residential market. In your opinion, how could the supply of residential housing be improved?

The public sector should stay informed and take appropriate measures to facilitate the greater availability of buildable land. Administrations, especially local ones, should also speed up licensing deadlines, which are generally excessively long.

What challenges are faced by the construction sector as regards employment?

The labour market for construction is experiencing serious shortages of trained staff in the different trades. During the 2008 crisis, many professional workers changed their activity and have not returned to the sector or have retired, little staff has been trained on the construction sites themselves. Moreover, the vocational training and workshop schools no longer work as well as they once did. The government is partially to blame for this, but so too is the fact that young people do not want to work in construction, even though it is currently quite well paid. Many of the jobs are quite demanding and younger generations prefer to look for work in other sectors. The trend is towards fewer and fewer young people on construction sites.

Although we should not generalise, those of us who have been in the sector for years agree that commitment, pleasure and pride in a job well done, as well as respect for the work of others, are disappearing at an alarming rate. This causes serious problems in construction.

Urbincasa’s Technical Department

In your experience, what kinds of renovations do clients look for in new construction projects?

Most requests have to do with improvements in the electrical installation, that is, in the number of sockets or changes in position. At Urbincasa, we have hardly experienced changes in terms of interior distribution, and we always strive for an intelligent, well-researched and highly refined design that is able to meet the needs of the general public.

Clients sometimes also ask us to alter furniture and kitchen installations, switch the shower for a bathtub, make changes to appliances and cabinets, and undertake other very specific renovations.

In single-family homes that have a basement, we do carry out important renovations, adapting these to the needs and uses of the owners. Nationality and very diverse customs come into play here. We try to adapt to the lifestyle of each client where possible.

“I believe that our current developments, the vast majority of which are second homes, have excellent locations, very close to the sea, with attractive designs and highly optimized interior layouts”

What are the market trends in terms of new housing? What factors are involved?

Economically, as we know, the real estate market is suffering a slowdown. More expensive mortgages, high inflation and the tightening of banks’ conditions for granting mortgages mean that there are fewer people with the capacity to purchase new housing, especially with regard to a second home, which represents the largest part of our housing offer.

Urbincasa After Sales Team

What value do buyers place on the energy efficiency of the home? How does this affect Urbincasa when approaching a project?

Logically, energy efficiency is a very interesting topic for today’s buyers. In recent times, we have experienced sharp increases in electricity and gas bills, even requiring state interventions in this regard, which is why people are very aware and concerned. We are always striving to improve our home design to save our clients money on their bills.

For all these reasons, Urbincasa has worked on our exterior carpentry to provide better insulation and reduce energy consumption. We have also included aerothermal systems for the production of hot water and/or air conditioning, as well as more efficient appliances. Another noteworthy measure is Urbincasa’s environmental policy, which reduces our carbon footprint in Spain through reforestation.

The construction managers and project directors are also responsible for a waste management plan in the initial phase of the project.

How has the style of residential construction changed in recent years?

It has changed a lot. Families, their needs, their economic level and the large number of foreign nationals who buy homes in Spain have changed the design of the product. The family model is smaller, while the quality of the construction and materials, the thermal and acoustic insulation and the furnishing of the facilities are now much better. This is largely a result of more demanding construction regulations.

The common services are very complete and sometimes especially sophisticated. Today, it is almost unthinkable to build a residential complex without a swimming pool, sports areas, a co-working room or a gym, conveniences that you could previously only find in luxury hotels.

What would you highlight about the projects that Urbincasa currently has underway?

I believe that our current developments, the vast majority of which are second homes, have excellent locations, very close to the sea, with attractive designs and highly optimized interior layouts.

The community facilities, which include swimming pools, green areas and gyms, are also very complete and in some cases exceptional. I believe that our clients can consider their expectations to have been met.

Our 56 years of market experience is a solid guarantee of quality. In any sector, especially in housing development where there have been so many fluctuations and opportunism depending on economic cycles, established and long-standing companies like Urbincasa are few and far between. Our success is down to perseverance, hard work and astute business decisions, but also to coping with bad and very bad cycles and knowing how to meet clients’ needs. Otherwise, we would not have come this far and Urbincasa would not have the great prestige it has today.

AI applied to construction can bring great advantages. Could you tell us a practical example of how Urbincasa uses this and/or other technologies?

Technological advances are really being felt in the design stage. BIM technology in project writing to predict design conflicts and possible solutions has now become widespread.

It is also being implemented in the industrial production of some of the elements that we use on the building site and in monitoring, for example, with drone flights to improve worker safety through analysis and learning. In this field, there are technology companies that are developing safety vests that inform the operator of the risks in their work environment to avoid accidents.

At Urbincasa, we are studying the possibility of incorporating industrialised construction elements into our developments, such as bathrooms, which are manufactured completely finished. These are faster to install and also involve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly process.

3D printing is already used, not only in the manufacture of small parts but even in the construction of homes. In fact, there are printers that allow homes to be built with earth, which entails ease, speed, savings and eco-sustainability. We can only imagine what this could mean in developing countries.

As is the case in other sectors, we cannot even fathom the potential applications at present. They say that AI is going to change the world as we know it; well, it already has.

At Urbincasa, we are using very interesting sales technology. For example, potential clients can view very attractive interactive presentations and see all the information necessary to choose a home.

Now we want to get to know you a little better…

What is the first thing you do when you get home?

Take off my shoes. I always used to have housework to do when I got through the door, but my home routines have changed a lot. In a very short time, we have gone from having three children at home to having none. They have left the nest, so I am coming back to activities I used to love like reading.

What is your favorite corner of the house?

My reading chair. It is a particularly comfortable piece of furniture and has the perfect location next to a large window.

What does your home smell like?

It usually smells like eucalyptus leaves; my wife likes them and is always bringing new ones home.

What do you love to do most at home?

Invite people to lunch or dinner. We love having guests and after-dinner meals with family and/or friends are often great moments.


Follow step by step the excitement of building your new home with Urbincasa

Buying a newly built home has many advantages. One of them is that it offers an extra thrill for clients, as they can see, milestone by milestone, how the dream of opening the home of their dreams becomes a reality. From the first stone to the choice of materials and finishes to the handing over of the keys and the final enjoyment of a spectacular and modern home.

At Urbincasa we focus all our efforts on turning each home into a unique place, according to the specific needs and tastes of our clients.

And to achieve this, among a thousand other things we do, we like to keep you informed about the progress of the construction of your home at each stage.

We know from the surveys we carry out that our clients appreciate being able to witness each stage of progress, as it gives them a unique feeling of involvement and peace of mind. It’s natural. That is why we strive to provide them with all the information they need as the work progresses.

At Urbincasa we currently have several residential new build properties for sale. From Finestrat (Alicante), Campoamor (Orihuela Costa), Cartagena, to Estepona (Malaga).

Here is a summary of the status of each of our developments as of March 2024!

Seascape Blue: penthouses, duplex and detached villas overlooking the Benidorm skyline

Block 1 Seascape Blue
Block 1 Seascape Blue
Block 2 Seascape Blue Finestrat Benidorm








Seascape Blue includes 3 types of homes: penthouses, duplex homes, and two single-family villas with a garden and private pool, ideal for families.

We are currently preparing the foundation for the community pool. 90% of the foundation work in Block 1 has already been completed, and the rest is due before the end of March. The reinforced concrete structure of Block 2 is also progressing. At the moment, we are preparing
the second floor slab.


60% of the reinforced concrete structure is complete in Block 3. In the coming weeks, we will complete its finishes and begin to enclose the façades and masonry.



In the villas, 100% of the foundation is complete. We are currently working on the reinforced concrete structure of the chalets.


Residencial Seagardens Campoamor: penthouses, flats and ground floors with garden







While we finish delivering the homes in block 1, we are continuing work on the commonareas, preparing the gardens and swimming pools, in addition to completing the final details and adjustments of your new home.

Phase 2
Phase 2
Phase 2








Shortly, we will begin arranging appointments with a notary public to complete your purchase (Phase 2).

Work on your property at Residencial Seagardens (Phase 3) continues unabated!While we customise your home, here are some recent photos of construction. We are currently finishing the structure, completing the ceilings of the penthouses and the stairs of the building.

We have also begun to work on the façade partitions, closing the building envelope. In the next few days, we will begin work on the homes’ interior and facilities. Regarding the common areas, we have begun working on the structure of the indoor pool, the gym, the community room and other services that will improve the quality of life in the community.




Phase 3 Seagardens Campoamor


Phase 3 Seagardens Campoamor
Seagardens Phase 3 Campoamor



Mãla Kai Resort Estepona (Málaga): penthouses and flats with sea views

We have started construction on Mãla Kai Resort. This exclusive development not only stands out for its excellent location, surrounded by all types of services, but also for its design and amenities for residents.








Images (February 2024) on the construction progress of Mãla Kai Resort


New Urbincasa sales office on the Costa del Sol – Málaga

At Urbincasa, we are celebrating the opening of our new sales office in Casares Costa (Málaga). Allow us to show you the design, innovation and impressive Mediterranean views of the spectacular Residencial Arrecife.

Why not come and visit us while we take care of a few of the last décor details. Drink in the spectacular sea views of the homes in Residencial Arrecife.

We are here: Sales office

Sales contact:

Mari Carmen Carrasco 

Office hours:

Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 h and from 15:00 to 18:00

On Saturdays, we will attend you exclusively at the sales office of Mãla Kai Resort (Estepona) from 10:00 to 13:00 hours

Remember that in both offices we offer detailed information about our two developments on the Costa del Sol: Mãla Kai Resort (Estepona) and Arrecife (Casares Costa).​

Book your appointment now with our development manager. On Saturdays, we will only be seeing customers in the Mãla Kai Resort sales office. Remember that detailed information about our two Costa del Sol developments is available in both offices.

Residencial Arrecife: details that make the difference

The opening of this new sales office marks the beginning of an exciting stage, where we will provide the best experience to our clients in the search for their home on the Costa del Sol. They will receive every detail necessary to understand the development in depth, including architectural plans, infographics and the top-quality materials that we will use in the construction of the homes.

Spectacular views of the Mediterranean

From the commercial booth, you can explore and experience the delights of living by the sea. We will soon begin building these spectacular homes, which promise a splendid quality of life to our clients.

Located between Marbella and Sotogrande, next to Estepona, Residencial Arrecife is in a privileged location on the Costa del Sol.

Arrecife is an exclusive private residential complex with spectacular panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

There are 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom properties, including penthouses, apartments and ground floors with a garden and patio. The homes have large terraces with sea views, a garage and a storage room.

The common areas include two impressive designer outdoor pools, garden areas, a coworking space and gourmet room, a fitness room, a relaxation area and a playground.

Discover the luxury of living on the Costa del Sol. Come and visit our new sales office in Casares Costa, Malaga!


Urbincasa, a lifetime by the sea

If there’s one word that captures the spirit of Urbincasa to perfection is “Mediterranean“, and since we started this journey in 1967 our life has always been linked to the sea.

To this date we have designed and built more than 8.000 homes by our beloved Mediterranean Sea. Exceptional locations where we have developed homes for all kinds of families with a clear goal: for all our clients to enjoy the best quality of life with the backdrop of the Mediterranean.

At Urbincasa we believe the sea is not just a landscape, but a source of infinite inspiration, serenity and beauty.

That’s how we feel it and that’s how we present it in the name of many of our constructions, which we naturally named after a sea that captivates us and the nautical life that emanates from it: Narval, Aguamarina, Las Drizas, Atarazana, Noray, Jaloque, Seascape Resort, Seascape Blue, Arrecife… The trademark of the Mediterranean is present in each of our urban developments.

Location and dream landscapes

With this idea we have expanded, from our urban planning in Cartagena, building iconic residential neighbourhoods throughout many decades, to Alicante, where we built one of our most memorable projects: the Plan Parcial Bahía of Alicante, in a residential area known as Residencial Urbanova.

At Urbincasa we choose the locations of our projects meticulously, hence our fascination with the Mediterranean. It’s not merely about offering stunning views of the sea but about presenting our clients with an unmatched lifestyle.

From a unique and privileged landscape, climate, services and security to other appealing qualities such as the Mediterranean culture and gastronomy that make the acquisition of one of our properties into a guaranteed profitable investment.

Quality of life as a pillar

In the 80s we continued expanding along the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida, with the acquisition of different areas of land in Campoamor, Santa Pola and La Manga, where we built one of the most important complexes of the time, Los Ibicencos.

For each and every one of our developments, we strived to capture and encapsulate the elegance of the Mediterranean and create communities where quality of life was core to the experience.

Each project we embark on is designed with the idea of improving the life of those who choose to call Urbincasa their home. From green areas, recreational spaces, pools, gyms, playgrounds, coworking spaces, etc. We make sure that every detail contributes to a full and satisfactory life.

Promotions that make history

Along the years we have had the privilege to participate in projects that have left a mark in the history of real estate. Thus, in the 90s we were a marker in the business, investing in the Plan Parcial El Faro of Mazarrón.

Furthermore, we have similarly worked to maintain leadership in Cartagena and consolidate our presence in Alicante, with complexes in Aguamarina or Aloe, the latter an “emblematic” promotion that marked our arrival into the beautiful beach of San Juan.

On the following decades we continued our string of successes building best-selling complexes in Las Drizas, in Cabo de Palos, or Seacolors, Noray and more recently Jaloque, in the Beach of San Juan; Seascape Resort and Seascape Blue in Finestrat; Seagardens in Campoamor and Residencial Los Flamencos in Las Salinas de la Manga, which won the 2022 APIRM Award for best tourist-real estate development.

This complex, which was designed under strict environmental regulation, is perfectly integrated into the habitat and offers panoramic views of the sea as well as unprecedented community areas such as chill out, swimming pool, volleyball court, spa, etc.

From Costa Blanca to Costa del Sol

With almost 60 years’ experience in the real estate promotion business, we have learned that building homes goes far and beyond the creation of spaces and structures. It’s about building dreams, establishing communities and contributing to the wellbeing of present and future generations. Our   commitment to excellence continues to be unbreakable and every new project we take is an opportunity to surpass our own expectations.

That’s why we are embarking on a new “Mediterranean adventure” with the development of the promotion of two new memorable complexes in Costa del Sol (Málaga): Mãla Kai Resort, in Estepona, and Residencial Arrecife, in Casares Costa.

An expansion that responds to the very nature of our company, propelling us to search for exceptional locations to create unique homes that represent the beauty and the elegance of the Mediterranean and where our clients can discover life by the sea like they never experienced it before.





Why buy a home on the Costa del Sol?

If you are thinking about buying a home abroad, Spain’s Costa del Sol offers a range of attractive benefits that could make this decision a rewarding and very financially profitable experience. Some of the greatest interest in buying a second home in Spain is coming from the American market.

Urbincasa specialises in Spanish Mediterranean real estate, and we are going to give you 8 reasons to buy a home in a sun-soaked hotspot like the Costa del Sol.

  •  Safety and quality of life

Spain provides some of the best quality of life in the world. In fact, according to the InterNations platform, the country is the second best place to live in the world. Safety and excellent quality of life are some of the main reasons to choose to live in Spain.

  •  Culture and lifestyle

Spain is known for its rich culture, delicious food and relaxed pace of life. Its Mediterranean lifestyle and climate will make you want to spend most of the day outdoors.

The Costa del Sol offers a perfect balance between modern living and traditional Spanish charm. You will experience a unique mix of the old and the new.

  •  Excellent climate

The Costa del Sol’s sunny climate for most of the year is another of its biggest attractions. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, you will enjoy a warm, pleasant climate, making this region an ideal place to escape the cold winter in many parts of the world

  • Attractive investments

The real estate market on the Costa del Sol is very attractive and diverse. Properties, from beachside apartments to luxurious villas, can be an excellent long-term investment. Prices may also be more affordable than those in certain areas of the United States or other European cities.

  • Services and excellent connections

The Costa del Sol is strategically located, with excellent flight connections and modern infrastructure. Travelling from the United States is relatively easy, with direct flights and a well-developed transport network in the region.

Two international airports, Malaga and Gibraltar, offer daily flights to major European cities and New York.

  • More affordable cost of living

Spain offers a high standard of living at an affordable cost compared to some areas of the United States. On the Costa del Sol, you will benefit from a wide range of services, from quality health care to excellent educational facilities and bilingual schools.

  • Retirement opportunities

Many Americans consider the Costa del Sol an ideal place to retire. The relaxed environment, high-quality health care and excellent leisure opportunities make this region a very appetising retirement destination.

  • Special tax system for digital nomads

That’s right. Digital nomads with their tax residence in Spain may significantly benefit under the so-called “Beckham Law”, a regulation allowing people to pay tax at a fixed rate of 24% on wages up to €600,000, and 47% on any amount that exceeds this limit, annually. This tax system is more advantageous than that of ordinary tax residents, who face progressive rates that can sometimes exceed 50%.

In short, buying a property on the Costa del Sol not only provides you with a second residence in a spectacular location but also a smart investment and the opportunity to experience a unique, enriching lifestyle.


 Mala Kai Resort and Residencial Arrecife, luxury apartments and penthouses on the Costa del Sol

Before embarking on this adventure, it is essential to seek good advice, understand real estate regulations and consider all legal and financial aspects relating to buying a property abroad. At Urbincasa, we can help you with all the necessary procedures.

 Explore the wonders of the Costa del Sol and enjoy your own personal paradise in Spain with Urbincasa!


Urbincasa: One of Spain’s Great Success Stories

Urbincasa has reasons to celebrate. The prestigious Cepyme 500 recently confirmed our status as part of Spain’s business elite, ranking us as one of the Spanish companies with the greatest potential for growth.

Cepyme 500 is an initiative specialising in recognising, highlighting and promoting business development. Companies are selected not only for their outstanding financial results, but also for their ability to generate added value, brand image, employment, foster innovation and successfully project themselves internationally.

This recognition, which we share with 20 other companies in the Region of Murcia, is not only an individual achievement for us, but also a boost for the projection and potential of business growth in our entire region.

As a company specialising in the real estate development of newly built homes, we are very proud to be part of this outstanding selection of companies and we share a commitment to ensuring excellence and contributing to economic development and employment.

We have been drafting urban development plans for almost sixty years and can safely claim to be a business leader in the Spanish Mediterranean, from Benidorm, Alicante and Cartagena to the Costa del Sol.


Costa del Sol: Arrecife, a residential complex to caress the sea

From Urbincasa we have great news to tell you: Residencial Arrecife, our new development of new-build homes on the beautiful Costa del Sol, in Casares Costa, is now on sale.

 With unbeatable views of the Mediterranean Sea, Residencial Arrecife is an exclusive private development made up of penthouses, flats and ground floors (all the properties have large terraces, parking space and storage room) and modern communal areas with two outdoor swimming pools, a heated pool, gym, coworking space/gourmet room, gardens and children’s play area.

Located between Marbella and Sotogrande, Arrecife enjoys excellent transport links (two international airports), and a host of tourist attractions such as world-class golf courses and modern marinas.

Immerse yourself in the serenity of the ocean from the comfort of your own home.

Why limit yourself to dreaming of beachfront living when you can make it a reality? The homes at Residencial Arrecife offer the perfect combination of luxury, comfort and Mediterranean lifestyle.

As well as being an idyllic place to live, this development also provides an excellent investment opportunity in new housing. The growing demand in the area and the exclusivity of these properties promise an attractive return for the smart investor.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting project, come and discover life on the Costa del Sol! Contact us for more information and secure your place in this paradisiacal corner of the Mediterranean.


Residencial Los Flamencos, winner of the APIRM awards for best tourism and real estate project

At Urbincasa we are in luck, because our development Los Flamencos, in Playa Paraíso, has been awarded as the best tourist-real estate development in the awards of the Association of Developers of the Region of Murcia (APIRM).


Los Flamencos, a residential development out of the ordinary

Urbincasa’s commitment to the development of Los Flamencos extends to a model of coexistence and integration of housing with the environment of the Salinas de Marchamalo.

An efficient residential complex

Los Flamencos is a unique residential complex where design, quality, innovation and efficiency go hand in hand. Thus, the building has a high energy certification, with a reduction in consumption and emissions of up to 75% compared to a traditional home.


The award for the Best Real Estate Tourism Development

was granted to Los Flamencos, developed by Urbincasa


In addition, the Residential is protected, thermally and acoustically, with an Exterior Thermal Insulation System (SATE), which allows considerable savings in energy consumption and a lower CO2 emission into the atmosphere. On the other hand, the homes have an aerothermal system which provides clean heating in winter and cooling in summer.


The awards ceremony was held on July 12 after the APIRM General Assembly.

The CEO of Urbincasa, Francisco Cervantes, was in charge of collecting the award.


An eco-friendly residential complex. 

Among the measures adopted to minimize the building’s impact on the environment are the use of non-invasive materials such as wood in the common areas; a system for collecting and reusing rainwater to irrigate the plot; an anti-pollution lighting system; an acoustic barrier to protect the birds resting in the salt flats; and the absence of grassy areas or other plants that require high water consumption. 


In addition, each owner receives a manual with advice and recommendations for the proper and responsible use of energy and water resources in their homes.


This residential complex is the perfect example of how beach housing is no longer unquestionably linked to the pattern of vacations, and here it is possible to develop many jobs from home with absolute normality.

A residential development that energizes the area.

Los Flamencos is a clear example of how construction, understood as a productive model towards a modern and efficient economy in the use of resources and materials, will play a leading role in the design of a new, greener and more sustainable Europe.

The construction of Los Flamencos has also been an economic stimulus, contributing to the generation of employment and wealth in the area, and helping to consolidate some small companies and trades related to the sector, which have seen in its construction the opportunity to grow and advance.


Ignacio Paredes, technical director of Urbincasa, Javier de Santiago, architect of Los Flamencos,

Ana Belén Castejón, deputy mayor of Cartagena, and Francisco Cervantes, CEO of Urbincasa.


A destination for “digital nomads”

Residencial Los Flamencos is a modern and innovative development with ample spaces and a variety of services. The common areas have a themed swimming pool with swimming areas, chill out, Mediterranean garden, gym, individual lockers for beach equipment, volleyball court, petanque, bird watching, a running and cycling circuit, varied play areas for children, a training area for pets, bicycle pressure washing area, spa, community room and wifi space. 


This development was awarded in the residential tourism category, and the evidence is clear, as 80% of the residents of Los Flamencos are foreigners


In a certain way, it can be said that Urbincasa is dedicated to “importing” citizens from all over the world to the Region of Murcia. People who choose the Spanish southeast not only to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives in a unique environment, but there are more and more active families, with jobs with high technological content, “digital nomads”, who develop most of their activity from home, bringing to our region population and wealth, while breaking the seasonality in this coastal area. In short, this is a housing concept that we, at Urbincasa, have been committed to for some time now, offering top quality homes, with ample space and whose location, as in the case of Los Flamencos, is a great added value to the investment.

From Urbincasa we want to thank all the people who have participated in this special project, contributing with fresh ideas to improve day by day, as well as those who have trusted us.  A thousand thanks team!

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