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Residencial Los Flamencos, winner of the APIRM awards for best tourism and real estate project

At Urbincasa we are in luck, because our development Los Flamencos, in Playa Paraíso, has been awarded as the best tourist-real estate development in the awards of the Association of Developers of the Region of Murcia (APIRM).


Los Flamencos, a residential development out of the ordinary

Urbincasa’s commitment to the development of Los Flamencos extends to a model of coexistence and integration of housing with the environment of the Salinas de Marchamalo.

An efficient residential complex

Los Flamencos is a unique residential complex where design, quality, innovation and efficiency go hand in hand. Thus, the building has a high energy certification, with a reduction in consumption and emissions of up to 75% compared to a traditional home.


The award for the Best Real Estate Tourism Development

was granted to Los Flamencos, developed by Urbincasa


In addition, the Residential is protected, thermally and acoustically, with an Exterior Thermal Insulation System (SATE), which allows considerable savings in energy consumption and a lower CO2 emission into the atmosphere. On the other hand, the homes have an aerothermal system which provides clean heating in winter and cooling in summer.


The awards ceremony was held on July 12 after the APIRM General Assembly.

The CEO of Urbincasa, Francisco Cervantes, was in charge of collecting the award.


An eco-friendly residential complex. 

Among the measures adopted to minimize the building’s impact on the environment are the use of non-invasive materials such as wood in the common areas; a system for collecting and reusing rainwater to irrigate the plot; an anti-pollution lighting system; an acoustic barrier to protect the birds resting in the salt flats; and the absence of grassy areas or other plants that require high water consumption. 


In addition, each owner receives a manual with advice and recommendations for the proper and responsible use of energy and water resources in their homes.


This residential complex is the perfect example of how beach housing is no longer unquestionably linked to the pattern of vacations, and here it is possible to develop many jobs from home with absolute normality.

A residential development that energizes the area.

Los Flamencos is a clear example of how construction, understood as a productive model towards a modern and efficient economy in the use of resources and materials, will play a leading role in the design of a new, greener and more sustainable Europe.

The construction of Los Flamencos has also been an economic stimulus, contributing to the generation of employment and wealth in the area, and helping to consolidate some small companies and trades related to the sector, which have seen in its construction the opportunity to grow and advance.


Ignacio Paredes, technical director of Urbincasa, Javier de Santiago, architect of Los Flamencos,

Ana Belén Castejón, deputy mayor of Cartagena, and Francisco Cervantes, CEO of Urbincasa.


A destination for “digital nomads”

Residencial Los Flamencos is a modern and innovative development with ample spaces and a variety of services. The common areas have a themed swimming pool with swimming areas, chill out, Mediterranean garden, gym, individual lockers for beach equipment, volleyball court, petanque, bird watching, a running and cycling circuit, varied play areas for children, a training area for pets, bicycle pressure washing area, spa, community room and wifi space. 


This development was awarded in the residential tourism category, and the evidence is clear, as 80% of the residents of Los Flamencos are foreigners


In a certain way, it can be said that Urbincasa is dedicated to “importing” citizens from all over the world to the Region of Murcia. People who choose the Spanish southeast not only to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives in a unique environment, but there are more and more active families, with jobs with high technological content, “digital nomads”, who develop most of their activity from home, bringing to our region population and wealth, while breaking the seasonality in this coastal area. In short, this is a housing concept that we, at Urbincasa, have been committed to for some time now, offering top quality homes, with ample space and whose location, as in the case of Los Flamencos, is a great added value to the investment.

From Urbincasa we want to thank all the people who have participated in this special project, contributing with fresh ideas to improve day by day, as well as those who have trusted us.  A thousand thanks team!

Urbincasa obtains two seals of quality that certify its solvency in the sale of properties to foreigners

March, 25th. The developer company Urbincasa has obtained two certifying seals of quality which guarantee its solvency in the sale of properties to foreign people. The obtention of these emblems, of well-known prestige, has its origin in an agreement with a legal firm, Fuster & Associates, specialised in international real estate transactions.


The seal “The Fuster Standard” guarantees that Urbincasa fulfils all the quality and legal liability standards to acquire a property with all the legal guarantees.


On the other hand, the developer has achieved the accreditation AIPP (The Association of International Property Professionals), an organization created in 2006 that operates in the international market, whose headquarters is in London and which is formed by 350 members from 28 countries.


Urbincasa positions, this way, as a quality reference company in construction and promotion of properties in the British market. And they take a step further in the qualification and certification of all their services for the buyers.


At the moment, the company has in operation five great home promotions in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia, of a great appeal for buyers of British origins.

2015 Real Estate Forum: A New Age.

foro inmobiliario

foro inmobiliario 2015

One more year, Apirm (Murcia Real Estate Developers Association) held the Real State Forum under the title “The New Age of Real Estate Sector” in a dream scenery, the Murcia Casino.
The meeting revolved around the new conception and management model changes that should be assumed from now on as a consequence of the beginning of a new business cycle, so as to assimilate the change of scene.

“We are aware of the role played by the building sector in the local economy inasmuch as it is crucial in job creation as well as a source of wealth”, Francisco Bernabé, Murcia Civil Works and Zoning Minister.

foro inmobiliario“The real estate market has already become stabilized. The building sector is now in a return to normal, recovery phase, and it will have weight again in the local economy” José Hernández, Apirm president, stated when explaining the meaning of the forum title.

Hernández highlit the importance of a new model based on cooperation of developers, architects, estate agencies… and all the estate and building professionals to achieve this aim.

“Cooperation is going to be the key for new projects to be viable, sustainable, efficient, and innovative in design and materials.”

The real estate sector in the Region of Murcia: main facts.
Some data about the sector current situation were explained during the Association yearly meeting, for instance, the mortgage monthly payment in the Region of Murcia is quite lower than in the rest of the country.

“The increase of the number of mortgage for the first time since 2006 is a signal of recovery”, José Hernández explained. The number of authorized mortgages in 2014 was 2.86% bigger than the previous year.

Regarding buying and selling, the transactions during 2014 went as far as 11.63% more than in 2013. And the same value is expected for 2015.

Atendees at the meeting included professionals from the real estate sector such as Juan Antonio Gómez-pintado, APCE (Developers and Builders Spanish Association) and ASPRIMA (Madrod Developers Association) president, Juan Fernández-Aceytuno, ST (Valuation Society) chief executive, and Ignacio San Martín, BBVA Real Estate Research director.


A place in the sun, welcome to our homes in Mazarrón

a place in the sun

Last week we had very special visitors at our home in Mazarrón. Spotlights, microphones and cameras were our guests for a whole day in our development “Parque del Faro”, where an “A Place in the Sun” episode was filmed.

a place in the sunA place in the sun is a British Channel 4 TV broadcast which helps British couples to find budget price homes abroad since 2000.

This broadcast is so successful that it has been on TV for more than ten years.

This kind of broadcasts, related to estate sector, are quite a novelty, but Spaniards are getting used to them in very little time thanks to Divinity, the Mediaset channel.

a place in the sun

In A place in the sun, potential buyers are shown several on sale properties, their qualities and facilities, situation, connections, services… anything one may need day and night, according to buyers’ preferences. Mazarrón port, and, specially, “Parque del Faro” development, have many qualities for an under-the-sun relaxing, connected to nature life style.

Despite the weather, the broadcast crew did not stop smiling!

a place in the sun

In this blog, we have already showed you the apartment the broadcast presents.

You can watch another A Place in the Sun episode where they also come to visit Mazarrón port.

Housing Exhibition Murcia 2013

Feria de la vivienda de Murcia

This weekend we have got out of the office to take part in the Housing Exhibition of Murcia.

From a long time Urbincasa has been going to the city of Murcia to show our Residentials, and in this occasion we have focused in one: Residential Las Drizas

Going to an exhibition always requires several weeks of organisation and fore work to be able to spend some days away from the routine, getting closer our products to the people that are interested the best way we can. During this week, for example, we prepare a video to let the people who go to the Housing Exhibition in the centre of the city of Murcia to travel to the gorgeous natural environment of Cabo de Palos

Feria de la vivienda de Murcia

During all the weekend, a lot of people came to talk with our workmates in the stand, very interested in knowing the options (villas and apartments) that we offered two minutes walking from the Levante beach.

The people of Murcia know very well the beauty of the area and the lack of space (none after las Drizas) that there is left to build in the road of the lighthouse.

After three days talking to you in the street we are very happy with the impressions that we have collected about our new project and we ended full of energy.

You can see more pictures about this event in our Flickr profile.

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