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And if you are already a customer or collaborator of Urbincasa, we can only thank you for your commitment and trust. As for us, we just want to enjoy, learn and keep on growing by your side. Thanks a lot! 


Everyone’s health depends on yours

In Urbincasa we have always been proud of our commitment with the safety of the construction sites and the labour health of all our employees. The #COVID19 has been a litmus test for all the companies in their adaptation and incorporation of the hygienic and sanitary measures recommended by the authorities.

Imagen de la campaña para concienciar del uso de la mascarilla entre las empresas colaboradoras de Urbincasa

The use of masks, distancing, cleanliness, and disinfection of the working spaces. New habits and new rules before a health scenario that unsettles and worries us all.

In this line of commitment, we have taken a step forward, boosting an internal communication campaign addressed to all the collaborating companies with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of following the safety rules established to avoid the spread of the virus.

Our aim is that all the people who collaborate with Urbincasa keep free of the disease. The health of the rest of the workers depends on theirs. It is a matter of all of us and so we are going to make it clear with the diffusion of posters in all our developments and working centres.

Reservations without obligation

Adaptation, flexibility and, above all, having in mind our customer’s interest in all our decisions is what has made Urbincasa improve the purchase conditions of the homes and adjust them to the new social and economic reality. 

With this aim we have set in motion the line of reservations without obligation. We want to help you get your dream home and facilitate the requirements to make it come true.

We offer the buyers the possibility of reserving a home and refunding the money paid in case they don’t like it when they can visit it. That is to say, up to a month after the normality and mobility conditions in and out Spain are restored, the customers can recover their money if they desired property does not meet their demands. 

The possibility of reserving a home and refunding the money paid in case they don’t like it when they can visit it

This line of reservations without obligation is opened for the developments:

A new advantage that aims at paving the way in the purchase process for our customers, putting at their fingertips a wide range of possibilities with the highest guarantee. One of the life’s most important decisions is acquiring a property and turning it a true home. 

Urbincasa’s homes gather all the quality standards and a high construction and design level. We don’t want the acquisition clauses to be an obstacle for anybody and we are totally willing to adjust them to the buyers’ necessities.  

We stand by our customers, who always have our helping hand to support them in whatever they may need. They are our priority. 



Our Developments progress with confidence and safety

Urbincasa has given a boost to the construction work of its different developments after restarting the activity last week after the break of the Holy Week and the compliance with the stop required by the Royal Decree-law 10/2020.

The work has been started again with energy and, above all, in compliance with the prevention and safety measures established by the health authorities. 

We have a team of people fully committed with the practice of their duties, but also, fully aware of the safety as a guarantee so that everything can keep on working as usual. 

In our sites of Residential Los Flamencos in La Manga del Mar Menor, the anticipation of the Technical Team has made that all the tasks have been resumed with absolute normality. This way, there are clear progresses in the insulation of the south façade and the roof is already waterproofed.At the same time, the lining of facing brick of the stairs is being finished. 

In addition, the homes are taking shape, with the completion of the wall partitions while we have started the ceramic tiling.

We continue, therefore, with strength, energy and, above all, a lot of illusion to keep progressing in our projects having in mind always our customers satisfaction.

Urbincasa obtains two seals of quality that certify its solvency in the sale of properties to foreigners

March, 25th. The developer company Urbincasa has obtained two certifying seals of quality which guarantee its solvency in the sale of properties to foreign people. The obtention of these emblems, of well-known prestige, has its origin in an agreement with a legal firm, Fuster & Associates, specialised in international real estate transactions.


The seal “The Fuster Standard” guarantees that Urbincasa fulfils all the quality and legal liability standards to acquire a property with all the legal guarantees.


On the other hand, the developer has achieved the accreditation AIPP (The Association of International Property Professionals), an organization created in 2006 that operates in the international market, whose headquarters is in London and which is formed by 350 members from 28 countries.


Urbincasa positions, this way, as a quality reference company in construction and promotion of properties in the British market. And they take a step further in the qualification and certification of all their services for the buyers.


At the moment, the company has in operation five great home promotions in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia, of a great appeal for buyers of British origins.

“We like designing and build homes in which we’d love to live”

Last 20th June, the newspaper La Verdad collected an interview to our general manager Francisco Cervantes, in the special section “Real Estate”. We reproduce the complete text.

With more than eleven active promotions of houses, Urbincasa is a firm that is characterised by its professional and innovative character. These qualities are the two key principles of Francisco José Cervantes, CEO of the company that has made this firm from Cartagena a model in the field of design and construction. Since it opened its doors, Urbincasa has delivered more than 7,000 homes, in unique locations, to all kinds of clients.

Talking about Urbincasa is talking about a solid project, of a brand of well-known prestige. How is it possible to become a model in the real estate sector in all the Spanish South East?

With work, commitment and a great future vision. We have been working in the South East coast for more than fifty years, offering dream houses in privileged locations. We like designing and building houses where and how we’d love to live, and we always try to be quality leaders in our sector. With more than 7,000 homes delivered, we feel very proud to say that we are real experts and guide in the real estate business.

How many active promotions do you have?

Currently we are working on up to 11 different promotions in prime locations from Benidorm, Playa de San Juan, Alicante, Campoamor, to Mar Menor, Cartagena and Mazarrón. More than 1,200 houses of all kind of typology and prices.

How has Urbincasa been able to transform the real estate sector in the last years? 

By adding passion in all what we do. We encourage curiosity and investigation; we give our team a great freedom to suggest improvements, new systems, innovative equipment… Our final goal is not only to build the best home for our clients but also to protect the profitability of their investment by choosing the best and most demanded locations.

We want to highlight that our Quality and Innovation department, which is in charge of controlling that, during the house construction, the design and quality standards defined are fulfilled and at the same time they control that each home is built according to the personalization instructions of every customer.

This reflects, at the end, in the satisfaction and trust of our customers. Thus, in a recent survey carried out between the months of May and June 2019, 95% of them would recommend us to their friends with a probability higher than 9 out of 10. In fact, more than a third of the sales of Urbincasa come from recommendations of former customers.

As you say, innovation has been also a key element in the trajectory of Urbincasa along its history. What can you tell us about this?

Yes, we have always been pioneers in the sector. More than a decade ago we were experimenting with the first virtual reality glasses of the market, designed a virtual showhouse and opened the doors, then, of the emerging social networks.

Not long after that, we added the first interactive shop window. Through a smart plastic which detected the movement of the fingers, any person interested could handle in a big plasm screen behind the glass of our offices.

Nowadays we are carrying out immersive projects with well-known universities and at the same time we accelerate in the digital transformation. This way, we have in our premises from a multidimensional laboratory where the client and their families experience the life in their new home to our recent interactive table where, emulating the cinematographic Minority Report, our commercial assistants explain the customer all the characteristics of their future home.

An important part of the operations closed in the last months come from foreign citizens. Why do you think they choose Spain as destination of their investments?

Currently, we can estate that Urbincasa is “importing” citizens from all parts of the world to our Region. They are citizens that choose the Spanish South East not only to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives a unique environment, but also there are more and more working families, with highly technological jobs that develop most part of their activity from home (investment analyst, specialists in Big Data, digital marketing professionals, design engineers…) are moving to live in our area providing population and wealth at the same time that they break with the seasonal nature of the coast areas.


Urbincasa will build 400 new homes in Puerto de Mazarron, in an exclusive residential area next to the lighthouse and ‘Playa de la Isla’ Beach

Real estate developer Urbincasa finishes all procedures with the City of Mazarron and will present the urbanization project of the ‘El Faro’ area in January 2019 after working on the project for a decade.


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