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Buying a Property off Plan: Advantages.

buy off plan

buy off planAre you thinking of buying a Property? Do you know the advantages of buying a property off plan? Let’s have a glance at some of them.

Do you know that if you buy a property off plan you can decide about the finishing? It means the property will be completely adapted to your wishes and needs. That is how a property becomes your home, without going into refurbishments or alterations after buying it.

buy off planYour home is an essential part of your life and your family, that is why is so important it is completely comfortable. Not only the finishing, but also the arrangement can be designed to please you. Do you want a more spacious living room or three bedrooms instead of four? Talk to the developer and find together with architects and technicians the best solutions for the final arrangement.

When you decide to buy off plan, you do not have to pay the total amount corresponding to the value of the property, but you can pay it little by little, throughout the construction period. It does not happen when you purchase an already built property. This way, when the moment of the title deed signature arrives, the payment is not so burdensome.

Buying a property off plan may become a good investment. If you make the right choices in terms of energy efficiency and accessibility, the final result, your home, may be a very valuable asset, which can be used in bank managements.

We provide all the information about the property: building and communal areas drawings, building specifications report, reference number of building material… and information about any detail you need. We want you to be in love with your home before start living in it. It is not true you know less about a property bought off plan than about an already built one.

But, this is not the best of all. When you buy off sale, you got a completely brand new property, you make it it really your home, only yours, and it is great, isn’t it? You are present during the whole process of designing, building and fitting it out. Have you ever dreamed of it?

How to buy an Urbincasa property off plan.

The process may differ from a developer to another one, so let us explain how we work at Urbincasa.

The customer meets us through different means: website, social networks, blog entries, e-mail, telephone, sales offices… We want to be near you to know you!

A sales agent is going to contact you to give the information you ask for, to show where the housings are going to be built, the planned facilities, the project drawing, the building specifications report...

Have you fallen in love with any of our project? Reserve the property you want to become your home and start thinking how your life will be. You already have the plans, you know the arrangement, and you can choose the finishing, so you can already take on the furniture and decoration.

buy off planWhile you are dreaming of your new home, we keep on working on it with enthusiasm. At the end of this process you sign the title deed and we give you the red folder you can see on the image and a pen-drive containing images, videos and the property making-off.

Meanwhile, we hold meetings with the owners to keep them well informed and to answer any question they may have, we propose them to visit the construction and we invite you to the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony, a very emotive moment, when owners and Urbincasa employees can meet and share their excitement. We want you to be part of the whole process, because it is about you,  your home, your family and your life.

And after all that you will just have one thing to do: enjoying your new home!


Housing Exhibition Murcia 2013

Feria de la vivienda de Murcia

This weekend we have got out of the office to take part in the Housing Exhibition of Murcia.

From a long time Urbincasa has been going to the city of Murcia to show our Residentials, and in this occasion we have focused in one: Residential Las Drizas

Going to an exhibition always requires several weeks of organisation and fore work to be able to spend some days away from the routine, getting closer our products to the people that are interested the best way we can. During this week, for example, we prepare a video to let the people who go to the Housing Exhibition in the centre of the city of Murcia to travel to the gorgeous natural environment of Cabo de Palos

Feria de la vivienda de Murcia

During all the weekend, a lot of people came to talk with our workmates in the stand, very interested in knowing the options (villas and apartments) that we offered two minutes walking from the Levante beach.

The people of Murcia know very well the beauty of the area and the lack of space (none after las Drizas) that there is left to build in the road of the lighthouse.

After three days talking to you in the street we are very happy with the impressions that we have collected about our new project and we ended full of energy.

You can see more pictures about this event in our Flickr profile.

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