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A place in the sun, welcome to our homes in Mazarrón

a place in the sun

Last week we had very special visitors at our home in Mazarrón. Spotlights, microphones and cameras were our guests for a whole day in our development “Parque del Faro”, where an “A Place in the Sun” episode was filmed.

a place in the sunA place in the sun is a British Channel 4 TV broadcast which helps British couples to find budget price homes abroad since 2000.

This broadcast is so successful that it has been on TV for more than ten years.

This kind of broadcasts, related to estate sector, are quite a novelty, but Spaniards are getting used to them in very little time thanks to Divinity, the Mediaset channel.

a place in the sun

In A place in the sun, potential buyers are shown several on sale properties, their qualities and facilities, situation, connections, services… anything one may need day and night, according to buyers’ preferences. Mazarrón port, and, specially, “Parque del Faro” development, have many qualities for an under-the-sun relaxing, connected to nature life style.

Despite the weather, the broadcast crew did not stop smiling!

a place in the sun

In this blog, we have already showed you the apartment the broadcast presents.

You can watch another A Place in the Sun episode where they also come to visit Mazarrón port.

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