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Sport values to the companies?

empresa cartagena

José Vicente Lledó (@jvlledo), is one of those guys that we like to have in our team. In the #UrbinEquipo. He is a real Sales Consultant Expert in Homes, who advise in the best and honest way to all those clients who visit our different projects in Santa Pola, Playa de San Juan, or Guardamar.

He wrote this article in our magazine “Entrelares”, an interesting text to think about. Thank you José Vicente.

We could start this article wondering:

What’s the relation between the sport values and the values of enterprises and life? In my opinion there are many connections between them.

This affirmation has been confirmed indeed, every time I have the chance I go and visit El Campello’s sport area for seeing the football training of my son, sometimes I receive some reports about the values they want to transmit to all those kids who wants to develop a career in the sport world (in my son’s case is football), I believe that if we were willing to enforce these values to the business world, many companies would success more despite of the current economical situation.

I lived as best as I can the integration and learning process of football with my son, and I can say that everyday I come back home after his football training I talk with my son and he teaches me something new, specially when I read together the football leaflets issued by his football academy such a the new rules, the training forecasts, or simply when I talk with his football trainer I also learn lot of things about football.

Maybe you wonder: what is learned exactly?


My son wrongly thought that who scored a goal was the best of the team, but little by little he understood that goal is the result of team play, and without the full team would be difficult to score goals alone. Little by little he realized that he belongs to a team with a common objective.

And what’s the common objective of junior football players? Perhaps many people would answer “win a match”, but is not so. If we think so we are wrong, the main objective is they to grow as athletes and even more important to grow as persons.

My son has learned to share the locker room with his fellows, to pass the ball, to help the team, to undertake a strict training timetable everyday, to be happy and responsible, and respect the other fellows. What we think, about sport only, or rather about values that we could apply in the company we are working for or simply our day by day?

I am working for a company and we have a great commercial team, sometimes when I am resting at home I wonder…Why we are not able to apply sport values to the companies? If we belong to a commercial team, why we can’t think that we belong to a football team where the goal star is not anyone in particular but the full team? even the Commercial Manager of Production Manager are small without the smallest link of the chain

Would be great we to transmit sport values to our own companies, values such a fellowship, respect, honestly, work, being on time in the office, motivation, overcoming and recognition, responsibility, and effort… 

I am sure that would be positive to apply all these values in our company. Football players learn from the childhood to cooperate, to motivate, to be solidary with the rest, to not to refuse his fellows, but above all to overcome himself and not to objurgate to the rest, when someone is better than you, we must admit and congratulate. There is not need to have a good sport body to success in sports, but is essential to be constant and responsible in the day by day. 

I remember me beside one of my son’s fellow father, and suddenly he asked to the trainer: My son is good, does not he? Does he play good? The trainer answered “Yes, he plays nice, but they are only kids and the most important is sport education and that they can transmit these values to their normal life”. The trainer explained that a football player can be good in his childhood, but he can get blocked for different reasons and don’t progress, and by contrast other player less good can advance with education, constancy, and professionalism. 

A good football player never get down when things are going badly, therefore we must apply this now not only to our working days, but also to our normal day by day. We can’t discourage when things are getting bad, especially in the nowadays hard business situation. We ought to be professionals, to fight, to make big efforts to give our best, to come our all values we learned in our childhood.

We must give our best to overcome, awake up if we fall and admit, and never surrender. Is not enough to shine as good sportsman, moreover a sportsman must support the team’s interests above his own interests, and furthermore the good sportsman knows that the most important is participate and above all do it fairly.

This article is part of our magazine “Entrelares”, you can get your free copy in our sale offices or read online. We trust you like it.



Time capsule apartments in Cartagena

casas obra nueva

Hello again, we keep going describing our day by day, “de tú a tú”.The truth is that we must sorry to our clients, we took long time to issue this post, but the thing is that we were quite busy and involved in other issues like the stress map and Entrelares magazine. We

 don’t complain, we love what we do. Today we will tell you how was the event we had few days ago at the most well known apartments in Cartagena, we mean well known because of the big medal we got in “Residencial Zarzuela”

It’s a tradition that we invite our clients to meet each other in the emotional act of burying a capsule of time in the plot where the building will take place. We did the same emotional act with success few times and we felt the need to repeat it. It’s simple and emotional, each client receive a kit with a little brick, a little capsule, and some blank pieces of paper to fill. They introduce in the little capsule whatever they want…pictures, some text with wishes…and later we bury these capsules in the plot where their homes will be built. It’s a good way to leave all their desires and hopes for their future home. It’s very emotional and we have to thank to all those who participated and were willing to collaborate with us. Soon all of them will get the key of their home in Cartagena.

After burying the capsule of the time, we celebrate a friendly party in one of our penthouses to finish the celebration with laughs and cosy chats.



ENTRELARES, the magazine made by Urbincasa’s staff

revista gratis cartagena

We are proud! The truth is that when brain storming is realised by Urbincasa’s staff, these ideas become in new challenges, especially when all our staff is deeply involved, and then this challenge become even more exciting in all the creation process.

We have a new magazine running in the streets “Entrelares”. As per R.A.E., “lar” means our own home, and we make truth homes where living comfortable.

The magazine is now in paper format, nonetheless digital format will be a reality sooner, our “urbinteam” has turned into a journal room for a while, however we have received the great and essential help of a group of amazing witty people who work for an advertisement agency, and they have shown us the way to release a “cool” magazine.

In front page, we can see our colleagues Javi, Dani, Raúl, and Choni “building” the beginning of our magazine, as well as the content of the magazine.

Pablo describes the stunning routes by bike among Playa de San Juan, José describes how his son shown the sport values applied to the enterprise’s world, summing up we talk about what we like.

We interviewed to “Urbinpeople”, friends who are clients or not, with lot of ideas to contribute for our knowledge.

We describe in our magazine our day by day and how we enjoy expanding our staff with new positions in Urbincasa, we talk about our satisfaction to release a new project of apartments and townhouses in Cabo de Palos, or how we celebrate the reward as “The Best Residential in Murcia Region”…even we held a big medal on the building with amazing size.

And why? Because if not we would not be Urbincasa. We like what we do because we do it all with you.

Proud of you and our team. Thank you

Stress Map project in Cartagena

Mapa del Estrés en Cartagena

Mapa del Estrés en CartagenaWe have had this idea in mind for a long time, throughout our existence, we always have wished to return to society and you all that you have given us.

Without all of you Urbincasa would not be what it is today. And so, we’re always thinking about how to contribute to our city: Sponsorships, grants, projects ..
In this case we wanted to launch a very special project: “We would like to know how stressed are you and also how we can help you”

The reason for this is simple. One of our premises is always creating homes in places where you feel comfortable as a resident with your home, with the environment. Summing up “Wellness” in broad sense of the term.
So we are enthusiastic and we’ve set up the “Stress Map Project in Cartagena.”

An interactive map where you can measure your stress at work and the stress in the area where you live . And of course, share it with other family members.
But we have taken a step further and we have decided take away that anxiety as far as possible. So we’ve organized a series of free seminars where you can relax, control you and forget your troubles for a while.

In an environment like “El Batel” Auditorium , we will find an “Exhibition about Cartagena and its Stress”. Surrounded by a natural garden and during the 24 to 27 May 2012, Come and join us!


  • Breathing Techniques Workshop
    Friday 25 at 17:30
  • Garden Design Workshop
    Friday 25 at 19.00
  • Stress Management in Workplace, talk.
    Saturday 26 at 12.00
  • Introduction to Bioenergetics.
    Saturday 26 at 18.00 h.
  • Introduction to Tai Chi
    Sunday 27 at 12.00
  • Tea tasting and chat.
    Sunday 27 at 17.00
  • Meditation Workshop
    Sunday 27 at 18.00 h

Call us at 968,510,380.

We are looking forward to relaxing together!

Collaborative relationship, necessary

In times as turbulent as those we are living nowadays,  our Companies  have to stop and sharpen the ax, or perhaps and more difficult, we have to get rid of the ax because the trees have changed and we need another kind of tool. This has always been the way right?
Entre todos hacemos Urbincasa

Yesterday we chat with Juan Lucas González our Construction Area Manager,. Those of you, suppliers, customers and friends, who know him personally  know that he is a direct and thoughtful person, always with a nice and interesting talk.
The “Co-Creation”, “Coopetence”, Team Spirit, Training, are terms that already appear within our corporate DNA. The integral relation with all suppliers, customers, employees has become one of our major commitments. We all bring colour to our work. We hope you enjoy reading this article.
“It’s time to maximize efficiency, to keep ourselves in a stand up position, based on making things better and in a more economical way, to move forward, to improve constantly everything that was made “only well” or even “very well” up to date.
It’s time to appreciate and know how to manage talent, to make a good work  from an ethic and professional point of view. It is also time to foster the ability of  creating value continuously. We always have to have time to innovate and be ahead of our own time.
It’s time to learn, relearn, to adapt to the contingencies that surround us,

to the continuous changes that affect us and that require us to be like a reed, slim and strong at the same time.  We must be “Resilient”,  this term currently  used by consultants.
It is time to improve and to adapt the processes, reducing and eliminating those that do not add value and that are not necessary and  securing and strengthening those necessary. We have to do this even if it implies a redefining of your Core Business, that is, your own business heart.
Being all the  above  mentioned necessary , it won’t be enough unless it is done through collaborative relationships, being able to align your strategy to the different actors involved in your process, in your present and future business. We must depart from exploring these external and internal agents and valuing them according to their potential interaction with the Company and their ability to generate pace.
You need to be surrounded by responsible partners who will help to achieve a perfect communion among all the stages and processes. These partners will also help to improve your own service and to strengthen the assessment of it by the final customer. The final customer must also be represented in the group of contributors quoted above. ”
Are you our partner? We would like your comment.

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