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Balance and good practice

naturaleza entorno

Although it may sound like a cliché, we have always been characterized by trying to make things as best as possible, not only with regard to you, our customer, but also with our shareholders, society and co-workers.

In order to get the best results, it is necessary to find an appropriate balance between the resources available and results of any action we carry out.

In this present time of uncertainty resulting from the financial crisis beyond our borders, and in relation to the creation and stability of employment, we are proving to be a real Company, not just solvent and solid, but a true one that manages to maintain a workforce that, in a large percentage, are gradually gaining permanent status.

While by the end of 2011 we had a prercentage of 67 % of permanent workers at present, now with the latest conversions, the percentage rises to 76% (considering a total staff of nearly 40 workers ).

Besides, we can also observe a parity in the distribution of seats held by men and women, with a 40% of women at all levels, including the Management Commitee and Executive Directors.

Far from considering it enough, in recent months we continue creating new jobs, thus contributing to the activation of the economy. This fact is especially relevant because Real Estate and the Construcion businesses are being seriously damaged by the present crisis.

All these achievements are only possible with a constant effort to meet your requirements and demands as customers (valuing the quality and reliability). This, together with the effective management of all available resources: financial, material and human (suppliers and employees) is the key of our success.

We work every day to be the best choice for our customers (quality, price and personal attention), without forgetting the satisfaction of our employees, who are truly responsible for this continued success.

Francisco Javier Valverde Orenes
Responsible for Risk Prevention and Occupational Health and Talent Management

Stress Map project in Cartagena

Mapa del Estrés en Cartagena

Mapa del Estrés en CartagenaWe have had this idea in mind for a long time, throughout our existence, we always have wished to return to society and you all that you have given us.

Without all of you Urbincasa would not be what it is today. And so, we’re always thinking about how to contribute to our city: Sponsorships, grants, projects ..
In this case we wanted to launch a very special project: “We would like to know how stressed are you and also how we can help you”

The reason for this is simple. One of our premises is always creating homes in places where you feel comfortable as a resident with your home, with the environment. Summing up “Wellness” in broad sense of the term.
So we are enthusiastic and we’ve set up the “Stress Map Project in Cartagena.”

An interactive map where you can measure your stress at work and the stress in the area where you live . And of course, share it with other family members.
But we have taken a step further and we have decided take away that anxiety as far as possible. So we’ve organized a series of free seminars where you can relax, control you and forget your troubles for a while.

In an environment like “El Batel” Auditorium , we will find an “Exhibition about Cartagena and its Stress”. Surrounded by a natural garden and during the 24 to 27 May 2012, Come and join us!


  • Breathing Techniques Workshop
    Friday 25 at 17:30
  • Garden Design Workshop
    Friday 25 at 19.00
  • Stress Management in Workplace, talk.
    Saturday 26 at 12.00
  • Introduction to Bioenergetics.
    Saturday 26 at 18.00 h.
  • Introduction to Tai Chi
    Sunday 27 at 12.00
  • Tea tasting and chat.
    Sunday 27 at 17.00
  • Meditation Workshop
    Sunday 27 at 18.00 h

Call us at 968,510,380.

We are looking forward to relaxing together!

Socialmorphosis. If we are happy, you too

D5: El Optimista The other day our friend Raul , had the opportunity to talk about the our experience within the framework of the event Social Media Addicts Murcia.

An incredible opportunity to explain the changes that we are implementing in the company with the main idea of improving the work environment through training, transparency, and collaboration between all of us Urbincasa, the #UrbinEquipo.

We changed the topic of “People are the greatest asset of a company” to “The company is you.”

We have to make use the technological tools available nowadays and internalize the core values ​​of Social Media:

  • Listen to your partner, surely has something interesting to bring you. We do not know everything.
  • Share, asking nothing in return, knowledge, ideas, share also your lunch sandwich !
  • Talk in both directions, supplement, discuss, question us, we are not perfect!
  • Co-create, is very easy to obtain something from the 3 tips above: a project, an idea to develop, and all this make people feel fulfilled.
  • Empathy, the most important, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes .We spend many hours together. We are a family and as such, we have our ups and downs, but that is life.

And if we are happy inside, we transmit happiness outside…. to you, to our customers, our suppliers ..neighbours, friends.

It’s nothing new, Social CRM, Marketing 3.0 has many names … …

Raul called it “SocialMorphosis”, and he love it. Can you help us to SocialMorpholise?

See you soon!

Collaborative relationship, necessary

In times as turbulent as those we are living nowadays,  our Companies  have to stop and sharpen the ax, or perhaps and more difficult, we have to get rid of the ax because the trees have changed and we need another kind of tool. This has always been the way right?
Entre todos hacemos Urbincasa

Yesterday we chat with Juan Lucas González our Construction Area Manager,. Those of you, suppliers, customers and friends, who know him personally  know that he is a direct and thoughtful person, always with a nice and interesting talk.
The “Co-Creation”, “Coopetence”, Team Spirit, Training, are terms that already appear within our corporate DNA. The integral relation with all suppliers, customers, employees has become one of our major commitments. We all bring colour to our work. We hope you enjoy reading this article.
“It’s time to maximize efficiency, to keep ourselves in a stand up position, based on making things better and in a more economical way, to move forward, to improve constantly everything that was made “only well” or even “very well” up to date.
It’s time to appreciate and know how to manage talent, to make a good work  from an ethic and professional point of view. It is also time to foster the ability of  creating value continuously. We always have to have time to innovate and be ahead of our own time.
It’s time to learn, relearn, to adapt to the contingencies that surround us,

to the continuous changes that affect us and that require us to be like a reed, slim and strong at the same time.  We must be “Resilient”,  this term currently  used by consultants.
It is time to improve and to adapt the processes, reducing and eliminating those that do not add value and that are not necessary and  securing and strengthening those necessary. We have to do this even if it implies a redefining of your Core Business, that is, your own business heart.
Being all the  above  mentioned necessary , it won’t be enough unless it is done through collaborative relationships, being able to align your strategy to the different actors involved in your process, in your present and future business. We must depart from exploring these external and internal agents and valuing them according to their potential interaction with the Company and their ability to generate pace.
You need to be surrounded by responsible partners who will help to achieve a perfect communion among all the stages and processes. These partners will also help to improve your own service and to strengthen the assessment of it by the final customer. The final customer must also be represented in the group of contributors quoted above. ”
Are you our partner? We would like your comment.

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