About Urbincasa

Urbincasa is a real estate company with more than 55 years of experience in the development, construction and marketing of exclusive homes in the Spanish Mediterranean.

From the beginning, we have been pioneers in the development of our own urban development plans, betting on innovative architectural projects that respect the environment and have created an authentic lifestyle in the southeast of Spain.

Urbincasa was born to improve the experience of people who want to buy a house in this region, as a primary residence, as a holiday apartment, or as an investment. We not only offer homes in unbeatable locations, but also provide a wide range of services, resources and information of interest to help our customers throughout the search and purchase processes.

At Urbincasa you will only find modern and efficient homes in exclusive developments, equipped with all amenities, where you can enjoy the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle and be able to make the most of your investment.

Urbincasa specialises in real estate projects on the Costa Blanca, Costa Cálida and Costa del Sol.

With more than 55 years of experience, the company focuses on the design and execution of building projects, home marketing and after-sales services. The firm is linked to the Zamora Company food group, the soul of the world-famous Licor 43 and major wine brands such as Ramón Bilbao and Mar de Frades.

More than a housing developer, at Urbincasa we believe, as a team, that the best home is one that allows you to enjoy your lifestyle in an enviable environment.

For our future projects we have chosen the Port of Mazarrón, in the heart of the Costa Cálida, next to the Playa de la Isla. A truly spectacular enclave where we will develop 300 homes. We also have land in Cartagena, between Los Dolores and the Santa Ana Residential Estate, for the construction of 1,200 homes.

Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, Finland... are some of our buyers’ nationalities. In a way, it can be said that we are dedicated to "importing" citizens from all over the world to these coastal areas of the Mediterranean. We bring population and wealth while breaking the seasonality in these coastal areas.

Living in Spain, especially in the southeast, with the warmth and light of the Mediterranean, is an incredible experience. Our clients choose the southeast of Spain not only to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives in a unique environment, but there are also more and more active families, with high-tech jobs (digital nomads) who carry out most of their activity from home.

At Urbincasa we have long been committed to offering our customers top quality homes and developments with large spaces, gardens, swimming pools, terraces and common areas, where freedom of movement and the comfort of residents are guaranteed, and where location is a great added value to the investment...

Housing Construction

It depends on each development and the current phase of the construction. Normally, a housing development takes 2 years from the beginning of the works, but it may happen that, at the time of the purchase, the house is already finished and ready to live in, or at a very advanced phase of construction.

In any case, our clients are promptly informed both through our website, where they can see photographs of the works, and from periodic communications with information on the progress of the construction. They can also contact their development manager directly and whenever they wish.

Yes, as long as the property is purchased off-plan and is within the deadlines established by our Technical Department. Urbincasa offers its clients the possibility to choose from a number of possible material options at no additional cost and, if you wish, you can also request improvements or alterations to your home, which are budgeted separately.

Our homes are delivered perfectly finished and clean, after a thorough quality control. When signing the deed and handing over the keys, our clients also receive a "house book"; with all the technical documentation of the building, a maintenance manual with user tips, as well as an explanatory video presenting the residential facilities.

Only for technical, functional or legal requirements. At the time of signing the contract of sale, the buyer expressly authorizes the Technical Management of the project to modify, for technical, functional or legal needs, some aspects of the project, as well as the layout of common spaces,facilities, and even cancel, if necessary, some parking spaces or storage rooms. They may also replace any of the materials initially foreseen in the project with another of similar characteristics.

By law, the owner is given a guarantee period depending on the type of damage that may occur in the home: ten years for structural defects: beams, pillars, slabs, foundations, retaining walls, etc. In Spain, it is mandatory to provide the customer with insurance that covers this guarantee.

Three years for defects in the construction elements or facilities that affect the habitability of the house. And one year for finish defects. The deadlines begin to run from the date of completion of the work.

Community & Supplies

The common areas of the developments are managed by the Community of Owners who, once constituted, will be responsible for hiring a company specialized in property management. This company will be responsible for the proper functioning of all common services as well as their maintenance.

Community expenses depend on each residential housing unit. They depend on the total number of homes, as well as the services contracted by the chosen property manager.

The registration procedures for supplies such as electricity, water, internet, etc., are carried out by the owner. All the necessary documentation is included in the "homes book" that we deliver at the signing of the deed. However, at Urbincasa we will guide you throughout these processes, which, although simple, can be somewhat tedious.

From the time the service is contracted until it becomes effective, it can take approximately 5 to 7 working days. At Urbincasa we recommend that, at the time of signing the deed, you commence these procedures so that you can enjoy your home with basic supplies such as electricity and water at the time of moving in.

Contracting supplies is an easy process, for this you just have to contact the electricity, water and internet companies with which you have decided to contract these services. Remember that at the time of delivery of your home, you will receive, together with the information on the home, the bulletins for electricity and water providers, so that you can easily contract and register these
basic services with the company of your choice.

Yes. We offer our clients collaborating decoration and furniture companies, through our development manager, who can help you furnish your new home with expert designers.

Naturally. Many of our clients buy their homes to enjoy certain seasons. The rest of the year they rent them out in order to recover part of the investment or help cover the mortgage, if applicable.

In fact, buying a home as an investment is one of today's safest and most common financial strategies. In addition to a more or less sustained revaluation over time, there is a booming rental market, with increasingly attractive prices for landlords.

Procedures, taxes and payments

If you are a foreigner, the only prerequisite for buying a home in Spain is to obtain a NIE (Foreigners Identification Number). It is a personal and unique number, essential to carry out any type of transaction in the country. If you don't have your NIE yet, you can reserve a home with your valid passport or ID card from your home country. Remember that you must also sign the Money Laundering Prevention Document. This procedure, required by law, proves the legalsource of the funds.

There is no impediment for the spouses to buy a property together, taking into account the matrimonial regime by which they are governed. Thus, if the marriage is subject to a matrimonial property regime, the purchased properties are common (all property and all debts acquired during the marriage belong to both spouses in equal parts). In this case, it is possible for either party to purchase the property without the other's signature. But for that, the common property system must be recorded in writing and, also, that the purchase is made on a common basis. On the other hand, if the marriage is governed by separation of property, each spouse keeps his or her estate privately: all property acquired before and after the marriage will continue to belong to each individual.

At the time of signing the private sale contract, a first payment will be made. The rest will be set in a schedule, agreed upon with the client, and always with a tax breakdown.

It is not strictly necessary but highly recommended, especially to be able to receive future receipts for supplies such as electricity, internet water, etc.

Of course. Urbincasa is obliged to provide you with a bank guarantee. It is a very important document that guarantees the amount of money you give throughout the construction of your home. A guarantee procedure that ensures, in the event of any unforeseen event or cancellation of the real estate project, that you will be refunded all the payed money, plus its legal interest during the time it has been deposited.

Loans will always be granted by a bank. There is no loan from the developer. At Urbincasa, we offer our clients the possibility of availing a loan from our trusted bank. In any case, the customer always has the option to choose their bank.

The due taxes are VAT (10% of the value of the property) and the Tax on Documented Legal Acts (AJD). This is managed by the different autonomous communes, who establish the tax rate of each territory. It is usually between 0.5 and 1.5% of the price of the house.

Property owners (home, garage, commercial premises, rural or urban property) must pay Property Tax, better known as IBI, every year. This tax is paid to the city annually on a specified date. The exact amount depends on the coefficient applied by each municipality, and may not be less than 0.4% or more than 1.3% of the cadastral value. The cadastral value is estimated by the cadastre and cannot exceed the property's market value. This value is assigned a tax rate, which varies depending on where the property is located.

Notary fees (tariffs) are regulated by the state and they all charge the same for identical services.

In the case of the granting of the public deed of sale, the prices range between 600 and 875 euros, depending on the price of the property, the number of copies requested, if acquired together with other properties (garage, storage rooms...).
Registering the Deed with the Land Registry also entails expenses, which depend directly on the price of the property (as an indication, they are usually between 400 and 650 euros).

As for the expenses at the agency (for the processing of paperwork, tax settlement, etc.), there are no specific rates, and they are usually only contracted when a mortgage is opened to acquire the property. The approximate cost is around 300 - 500 euros. Remember that at Urbincasa we put our expert lawyers and advisors at your disposal to help you in the management of all your procedures.

Of course. Urbincasa offers you the possibility to choose the notary you want. However, to speed up the process of signing the deed, we put at your disposal the notaries with whom we usually work, who already have all our documentation.

Signature of the deed and registration of the property

Definitely! Before signing the deed, Urbincasa will organise a courtesy visit to your home so that you can check, at a glance, that your house is finished. If you can't come to visit, we can show you your home through a video call. You'll be able to contact your development manager so they can show it to you at any time.

Naturally. If you cannot come to sign the deed, you can delegate this procedure through a proxy. At Urbincasa we put at your disposal different law firms from which you can choose so that, if you wish, they can help you carry out all the procedures and act as representatives.

In addition to the keys of your new home, you will also receive the house book that contains the first occupation license, the energy efficiency certificate, the bulletins of the electricity and water providers, the plans and the rest of the necessary documentation for the proper use of your new home.

In addition, as something special, at Urbincasa we also provide our customers with an Interactive House Manual, with explanations for all the facilities, practical maintenance and cleaning tips, and tips for a responsible consumption of water and energy, as well as a presentation video of the common and private facilities of the building.

Registering the Deed in the Land Registry is a procedure that can be done directly by the notary.

Although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as it gives you a legal guarantee.Registering your home with this official body guarantees you as the owner of the property, protects your purchase from third parties and also allows you to request a mortgage if you need it.



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