Parque del Faro Resort Puerto Mazarrón
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Parque del Faro Resort - Puerto Mazarrón

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Mazarrón is situated in a wide bay open to the Mediterranean Sea and has 35 km of coast, a large part of which is still virgin, with beautiful hidden coves and beaches for the whole family. Part of its appeal lies in its clear, warm waters, paradise for divers from all of Europe who come to admire its abundance of submarine fauna and flora.

Mazarrón has an enviable climate with 300 days of sun a year and an average temperature of 18º.
Living in Parque del Faro is the same as enjoying the essence of the Mediterranean Sea and its marvellous weather while it has all the facilities and infrastructures necessary to be able to enjoy the quality of life that you and your family deserve.

  • Piso en Mazarrón
  • Piso en Mazarrón
  • Hogares de estilo Meditarráneo
  • Bath
  • Armored door
    Armored door
  • Garage
  • Room
  • Box Room
    Box Room
The residential
Mediterranean style apartments in Puerto de Mazarrón.

Parque del Faro comprises two Mediterranean style buildings, each having one ground floor and two upper floors. The 1- 2- and 3- bedroom apartments are sunny, spacious and bright, each with a terraza, and there is an option of parking space in the lower ground floor. The top floor apartments also have a large solarium.

All the kitchens are equipped with upper and lower cupboards. Vitroceramic cooktop, oven, extractor hood, refrigerator and front- or top- loading washing machine.


Living in Puerto de Mazarrón

Parque del Faro is a residential development located in a strategic point of the Mazarrón harbour, next to the marina and just a few metres from the Playa de la Isla, well known for its Phoenician ship lying in its bay just 3 metres below sea level. The recent opening of the Cartagena-Vera motorway integrates Mazarrón into the network of European motorways and 

Connects our residences to the international airport of San Javier.

Mazarrón offers plenty of services to its neighbours.

  Property Beds Floor Price €
VI-P-2-F1-17 C/. San Ignacio de Loyola nº 1-2º B beach | Sale
2 P-2 122.500 € More info
Local Comercial C1 en venta en Puerto de Mazarron beach | Rent and Sale
0 Baja 62.500 € 500 / month € More info
Estupendo ático 2 habitaciones 1 baño en Parque del Faro 2. Tipo H2 beach | Sale
2 P-2 122.500 € More info
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