Thinking green

It is more than ten years ago that we subscribed the United Nations Global Compact, in which we committed to align with the Millenium Development Goals (2000-2015). Fruit of that commitment, we obtained multiple recognitions for our involvement in the care of the Environment as well as the advances in topics related to equality and work and family life balance.

The Sustainable Development is in the target of our “Social Responsibility Plan”. We feel very proud of being one of the first companies of the real estate sector to start running campaigns and actions to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In Urbincasa we take very seriously our commitment with the Sustainable Development. Although this term was coined in 1987, in the famous Brundtland Report, we turned it our motto from the very beginning, and it is because it describes faithfully our vocation for the urbanistic development: 

"We only believe in organized projects, cautious, fit in the scenery with harmony and respectful with the water and energy resources of the area”.

Committed with the environment

Aware of the really important role we have in our cities and environments, we have developed an  Environment Quality System that we apply to all our works, ensuring the most absolute respect for the Environment under a strict compliance with the environmental rules applicable in each activity, committing with: 


  • Efficient use of the natural resources.
  • The use of biodegradable and recyclable materials.

  • The existence of environment Committees in all our working sites. 

  • Comprehensive management of our waste.

  • Implementation of training and information conferences about environmental awareness.  

 Thus, among the initiatives that we have carried out, we can highlight:

  • The creation of a Fund for Innovation in Sustainable Development.

  • Instauration in 2007, together with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), of the prize to Eco-Innovation and Development of Sustainable Economic Activities.  

  • Adherence to the United Nations Global Compact.

  • Adherence to the Protocol of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia to foster the environment awareness and sustainable development. 

  • Sponsorship of cultural dissemination of the variations and application in urbanism of the autochthonous flora of the Region of Murcia.

  • Writing of the book "Environmental management in Construction Works”.

  • Contribution to the research "Microplastics research in Mar Menor. Project: contribution to the conservation of biodiversity in Mar Menor".

  • Cooperation for the recovery of the Royal Botany Garden of Cartagena.

  • Plan of restoration of habitats of communitary interest and protected species in one of our projects in Mazarrón - Region of Murcia.

  • Start of a clean spot in the main office where we can not only foster recycling but also reduce plastic as we do without individual paper bins.  

Because of this commitment, we have obtained important awards:

  • 2010 Prize for Sustainable Development in the Región of Murcia awarded by the Ministry of Water and Environment.

  • Prize Sustainable Channel awarded by the journal El Mundo, Instituto de la Empresa and Foundation CEMEX.
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