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The information shown on this website (infographics and plans) are illustrative and do not have any contractual value.


This document is the Legal Notice for the property website of Urbanizadora e Inmobiliaria Cartagenera, S.A  (hereinafter referred to as Urbincasa), located at the URL http:\\



Users of this website may access its content without restriction and free of charge. Nevertheless, some of the products and services offered on this website are subject to prior reservation and/or hiring of same, as established in the corresponding general or particular conditions of use.



3.1. Urbincasa is the holder or has obtained the corresponding licence for the operating rights for the industrial and intellectual property of the website, as well as industrial and intellectual property rights relating to the contents, products and services available through this website.

It is to be understood that in no case does the access and browsing of the Website by the user or the acquisition of Urbincasa products offered through the website constitute the relinquishing, transferral, authorization or cession, either partial or total, of said rights by Urbincasa.

3.2. In consequence, it is prohibited to omit, annul or manipulate the copyright notice or any other data identifying Urbincasa's rights or those of its holders incorporated in the contents and products, or any technical protection devices, digital fingerprints, watermarks or any other information and/or identification systems that may be contained within the same.

3.3. All industrial and intellectual property rights are reserved and, in particular, it is prohibited to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, transform, publicly communicate, make secondary or subsequent publications, upload files, mail, transmit, use, treat or distribute in any way part or all of the content and products included in the Website for public or commercial purposes, unless it is done with the express written authorisation of Urbincasa or, accordingly, of the holder of the corresponding rights.



4.1. The contents and products offered through the Website are provided solely for end users. Any unauthorised commercial use of the same, or its resale, is prohibited, unless previous written authorisation has been given by Urbincasa.

The access, navigation and use of the website is the responsibility of the user, meaning that the user is obliged to diligently and faithfully abide by any additional instructions given by Urbincasa or by any personnel authorised by Urbincasa with regard to the website and its contents and products.

4.2. The contents included on the website are provided for use by people browsing the Website, people listed on the User Registry and people who are in the process of, or are interested in, purchasing a Urbincasa property. Any unauthorised commercial use of the same, or its resale, is prohibited, unless previous written authorisation has been given by Urbincasa.

4.3. The user is therefore obliged to use the contents in a diligent, proper and lawful manner and, in particular, is obliged to abstain from:

- Using the content for purposes or aims that are contrary to law or morality, generally accepted good customs or to public order.

- Reproducing or copying, distributing, allowing access to the public though whatsoever public means of communication, transforming or modifying the contents, unless it is done with the authorisation of the holder of the corresponding rights or it is possible to do so in law.

- Using the contents and, in particular, information of any type obtained from the website or from web services for the purposes of sending advertising or communications aimed at obtaining direct sales or any other type of commercial aim, or sending bulk unsolicited messages to people regardless of their aim, or publicising or disseminating such information in any way.



5.1. Should the user send information of any kind to Urbincasa through the website via the channels made available for said purpose on the web pages, the user agrees, accepts and guarantees that they have the right to do so freely, that said information does not infringe upon any intellectual property, trademark, patent, or commercial secrets or third-party rights, and that said information is not confidential and in no way infringes the rights of or damages third parties.

5.2. The user agrees to accept all responsibility and agrees to free Urbincasa from any liabilities incurred when supplying personal information or information in their name, with said responsibility extending, with no restriction whatsoever, to the precision, legality, originality and or ownership of said information.



Urbincasa cannot guarantee the reliability, value or veracity of the services or information rendered through the website, or the value or veracity of the documentation of events that may be obtained from the website, as some may have been prepared by professionals from other sectors of the economy.

In consequence, Urbincasa does not guarantee or take responsibility for: (i) the continuity of content on the website, (ii) the absence of errors in said content or products, (iii) the absence or viruses and/or other harmful components on the website or on the server providing it, (iv) the invulnerability of the website and/or the infallibility of the security measures implemented on the same, (v) the lack of value or performance of the website’s content and products, (vi) the damages or harm caused, to themselves or to third parties, by any person infringing the conditions, regulations and instructions established by Urbincasa on the website or by means of violating the website’s security systems.

Notwithstanding this, Urbincasa declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures, within its own capabilities and currently known and applied technologies, to guarantee operation of the website and prevent the existence and/or transmission of viruses or other harmful components to users.

Should the user become aware of the existence of any banned or illegal content, or any content contrary to regulations or that could conceivably cause an infraction of industrial and/or intellectual property rights, they should notify Urbincasa immediately so that appropriate measures can be taken. 



7.1 Links to other web pages

Should users find and decide to use links to other web pages on this website, in the form of buttons, links, banners, etc., managed by third parties, you are hereby informed that: Urbincasa does not have the capacity or the physical or technical means to know, control or approve any information, content, products or services provided by other websites that may be reached via links on the website.

In consequence, Urbincasa cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any aspect of web pages that may be reached via links from this website, specifically, including but not limited to, their operability, accessibility, data content, information, file availability, quality and the reliability of any such products and services provided, subsequent links and/or content of any kind in general.

Therefore, if users become aware of the illegality of activities carried out on any third-party websites, they should notify Urbincasa immediately so that links to said sites can be removed as soon as possible.

The placement of any kind of link from this website to another website not controlled by Urbincasa does not imply any kind of endorsement, relationship, collaboration or dependence between Urbincasa and the parties controlling said third-party website.

7.2 Links to this website from other web pages

Should any user, entity, or website wish to establish any type of link to this website they must abide by the following stipulations:

- The link may only lead to the website’s Home Page, unless Urbincasa has expressly authorised any other such link in writing.

- The link must be absolute and complete, meaning that it must take the user, in one single click, to the website’s own URL address, and the website’s Home Page must completely cover the entire screen. In no case, unless authorised expressly and in writing by Urbincasa, may the website placing the link to Urbincasa be permitted to reproduce the Urbincasa website in any way, include it as part of its own website or within one of its frames, or re-create a browser over any of the website’s pages.

- On the page establishing a link to the Urbincasa website it shall not be permissible to state in any way that Urbincasa has authorised such a link, unless Urbincasa has done so expressly and in writing. If the entity that places the link from its own page to the Urbincasa website correctly wishes to include on its website the Urbincasa trademark, denomination, commercial name, sign, logo, slogan or any other element identifying Urbincasa and/or its website, express written permission must first be obtained.

- Urbincasa does not authorise the placement of a link to its website from pages containing illegal, immoral, degrading, banned or obscene material, information or content, or content that infringes the public order or the generally accepted rules of society.

Urbincasa does not have the capacity or the physical or technical means to know, control or approve any information, content, products or services provided by other websites that have placed links to the Urbincasa website on their pages. In consequence, Urbincasa cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any aspect of web pages placing links to the Urbincasa website on their pages, specifically, including but not limited to, their operability, accessibility, data content, information, file availability, quality and the reliability of any such products and services provided, subsequent links and/or content of any kind in general.



8.1. Urbincasa may totally or partially modify the terms and conditions established here, publishing any change in the same format as this Legal Notice or through any type of communication directed to users.

8.2. The validity of this Legal Notice is therefore understood to be from the date of publication, if given, until the date of total or partial modification, at which time the modified Legal Notice comes into force.

8.3. Irrespective of the stipulations of these particular conditions, Urbincasa shall be permitted to terminate, suspend or interrupt access to the contents of this website at any moment, with no need for prior warning, and with no demand for compensation being permitted to users. Following any such expiration or interruption, all prohibitions as contained hereinabove in the present Legal Notice shall remain valid and in force.



9.1. The headings of the clauses are merely informative, and will not affect, qualify or extend the interpretation of this Legal Notice in any way.

9.2. In the event of discrepancies arising between the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice and the particular conditions of each specific service, the latter shall prevail.

9.3. In the event that any particular or specific conditions of this Legal Notice are considered partially or completely null or inapplicable by any Court, Tribunal or competent administrative authority, said nullity or inapplicability shall not affect the validity of all other terms and conditions of this Legal Notice.

9.4. The non-exercising or non-execution on the part of Urbincasa of any right or condition contained in this Legal Notice shall not constitute a renunciation of same, unless agreed in writing by Urbincasa.



The relations established between Urbincasa and the user shall be governed by the provisions of the valid regulations regarding the applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction. Nevertheless, for those cases in which the regulations foresee the possibility of the parties being subject to a given jurisdiction, Urbincasa and the user expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, and agree to be governed in any disputes or disagreements by the Courts and Tribunals of the site owner's address.


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In accordance with the LAW 34/2002 of the Information Society and Electronic commerce Services, Urbincasa herby makes know that:

I. The personal information you provide on this website, managed by Urbincasa, (, will be incorporated into computer files controlled by Urbincasa, duly registered in the Spanish General Data Protection Registry. The purpose of these files is to facilitate the management of data on users visiting the website, and to manage the services offered through said website.

In addition, Urbincasa will use this information to manage queries received through the website from users of the site (including, but not limited to, customers, potential customers, shareholders and in general any person using the website to request information of any kind from Urbincasa), to carry out all manner of advertising and commercial activities addressed to said users in relation to the company, its activities, products, services, offers, special promotions, as well as to provide them with documentation of any other nature through any other means of communication used by the company, enabling Urbincasa to make instant evaluations, and obtain profiles and segmentation data on such users, based upon the available information on said users obtained through the website or by any other appropriate means, all for the purpose of personalising the site according to user characteristics and/or requirements. Information handling and/or processing for such purposes may be carried out at any time for the duration of the user's relationship (business, contractual or of any other type) with Urbincasa and after the termination of said relationship, if appropriate.

II. Furthermore, by accepting the present Privacy Policy you consent to your personal information being communicated, where appropriate, to Urbincasa Group companies, with said companies being understood to be those currently registered in the group’s company list, active in the sectors related to real estate, development, management of infrastructures, finance, management of car parks and/or shopping centres or heritage management, with the aim of facilitating the control and global management of users of the website and the queries made by said users, as well as for the purpose of sending information to users in reference to products and services exclusively related to the sector in which each company is involved in, by any means deemed appropriate.

III. You hereby guarantee that the information provided to Urbincasa is true, precise, complete and up-to-date, being liable for any harm or damages, direct or indirect, which may occur as a consequence of the nonfulfilment of this obligation. In the event that the information provided belongs to a third party, you guarantee that said third party has been informed of the content of this Privacy Policy and that you have obtained their authorisation to provide their information to Urbincasa, for the purposes as explained above.

IV. When personal information is sent via the webform, you must at least have provided the details for the fields marked as compulsory by means of an asterisk, as, if this necessary information is not suitably provided, Urbincasa will not be able to manage the web service or answer the query being made.

V. In response to Urbincasa’s concern to guarantee the security and confidentially of your information, the necessary levels of security for the protection of personal information have been adopted and technical measures have been employed as far as possible to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and/or theft of personal information provided through

VI. Urbincasa collects information about visitors to its website. For this purpose, this website uses cookies or other common invisible data collection systems, through which information is obtained about frequency of visits, as well as more selective content, geographical location, and other data with the aim of optimising and improving your experience while browsing the website.
Urbincasa understands that navigation of the website is sufficient evidence that you as a user accept of the retrieval and processing of such information. For your information, commonly used browsers contain a series of security features that enable you to prevent the use of cookies and navigation data collection systems at all times.

VII. In order to exercise your rights to access, modify, cancel or delete your personal information, you must write to the following address, indicating “Data Protection” as your subject: URBINCASA, S.A. CIF: A30603716 C/ Juan Fernández, 41 (Cartagena)

VIII. If you do not wish to receive further commercial information or wish to exercise your rights to access, change or remove your information, you can communicate this by replying to