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Apartments in Cartagena that remove stress. A prize for all

May 30th, 2012 by

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preguntas How often and how many times in  totally different situations, when we are interested in this or that product, does the salesman ask our data with  his / her best smile? “Your name please? .. And our phone number?” And, tired of   receiving  adverts we ask ourselves: “Again?” and we think, “I refuse  to be invaded  and bombarded with offers and bargains.”

Finally, a new law has been implemented in a serious attempt to protect us. In this way, our data will no be used without our consent. Sometimes a doubt arises when we are asked questions like: Can I ask your proffesion? Have you ever gone through Ikea box line and been asked about your zip code?

Did the girl want to know where I do live?. No, not exactly the girl, but these data are collected by the marketing departments, these departments are responsible to make their product be well known, and these data direct them to know more accurately where and whom to aim their advertising.

So … why all these ?  Urbincasa has been 45 years building homes.  Our customer is of paramount importance for us, and our homes are the result of all their needs. In this way we carefully study the location of the developments in Cartagena and Alicante, their orientation, number of bedrooms, distribution, colours, materials … our developments are the result of being in constant contact with you, our customers, you are the most of our success and the reason why we stay in a leading position in our industry.  One of the consequences of all this is that we have been awarded with the “Best Residential Building 2012”: Zarzuela Residential. We are proud about this and we think it is time now to thank you all… 

... And … how?, Then set our marketing department to work to and so, they analyzed and studied all the data of Zarzuela Residencial , through your answers, do you remember, those who they kindly ask us that I mentioned at the beginning? The data show  that  Zarzuela Residential is one of the best known and recognized promotions by the citizens of Cartagena,

The profile of the applicant and buyer of this promotion are: young people, people looking for the welfare of his family, health professionals, teachers , or policemen…

What makes these professionals to be  interested in our Residential Zarzuela? Then we understood that our Residential offers comfort, peace of mind and serenity, a precious commodity and this is the prize offered to Cartagena, a project that will analyze the welfare state of  Cartagena: and some free workshops on stress management. In the end, we will be  able to benefit from these uncomfortable questions. Their results show a benefit for all of us. Perhaps,  today we have learned something…. and we will answer these questions referred above with the same kindness they ask us ……., well we never know….

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