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Some days ago we announced in facebook that our after Sales Department partners were
doing the checklist for the next finishing of works of Zarzuela 2, that is, our apartments
and penthouses in Cartagena.

For us, this is one of the most exciting steps, as it is close to finally introduce you with your homes.

We would like to explain what is the so called “checklist” is and all the points for which have been checked in our house before you can live in them.

From the very beginning
of works, the Building Department, through a policy of control of works ensures thequality of the final product: your home

In order to do so, a number of phases are carried out during all stages of construction:

  • Phase test: Tests of products. The results are checked with the quality certificates provided by manufacturer and / or installer. Such tests can take place either insitu or in a laboratory.
  • Service Test Phase: Technical tests concerning the installation of external services such as electricity, water..
  • Inspection Phase: A careful review of any possible imperfection that may appear throughout the whole process.

The Quality Program consists of more than 2000 inspection items and exceeds
the requirements by law. In case we find any incident it would be reported to the
appropriate installer/ worker for the repairing according to a process control and control
sheets procedure.

But, do you think it is all over then? Your home is the most important for us.

A house is the result of the coordination of a series of works, everyone contributes with
their little bit in order to finish what you finally convert in a home.

Once the building works are finished, our partners from the Technical Department
(within the Sales Dept) start to work.

They inspect the finishing in every single room in all the houses and the common areas.If they find any mistake within this exhaustive inspection the Building Dept must solve, whatever the problem, in a short period of time.

Finally, our Sales Dept partners will call you to schedule for a courtesy visit in which you are introduced with your house.

As you can see, we keep one thousand eyes before delivering a home, is something that we have been doing for a long time in all our Developments.

See you soon

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