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The “Art Nouveau” Year in Cartagena – Urbincasa

January 29th, 2016 by

Gran Hotel año del modernismo

The “Art Nouveau” Year in Cartagena has already had its opening ceremony with the book release and the exhibition vernissage “Celestino Martínez and the Grand Hotel”, a project sponsored by Urbincasa.

celestino y el gran hotel

The City Hall gathered the visitors who wanted to attend the “Art Nouveau” Year opening ceremony. The main act was the book release and the exhibition vernissage “Celestino Martínez and the Grand Hotel”, a project organized by writer José Manuel Chacón and sponsored by Urbincasa.

The photography exhibition collects Miguel Martínez (Celestino’s son) work, and shows his legacy in images, as well as some artistic reinterpretations from about ten different artists.

Ano del modernismoThe assistants to the opening ceremony event enjoyed a trip to the past thanks to a “Belle Époque” atmosphere evocation with some celebrities of that period such as opera singer Conchita Velázquez.

The “Art Nouveau” Year means highlighting the specific features of this artistic trend in Cartagena through different activities, understanding the development of the city and it surroundings, and getting to know a bit more about that period society.

The one-hundred-year Grand Hotel building has been the keystone to promote this idea, and, since we are so close to this emblematic Art – Nouveau element, we could not miss the event.

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