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Urbincasa will build 400 new homes in Puerto de Mazarron, in an exclusive residential area next to the lighthouse and ‘Playa de la Isla’ Beach

December 21st, 2018 by

Real estate developer Urbincasa finishes all procedures with the City of Mazarron and will present the urbanization project of the ‘El Faro’ area in January 2019 after working on the project for a decade.


On an area of ​​over one hundred thousand square metres, Urbincasa plans to build four hundred new homes, more than 32,000 square metres of roofing for residential use. Given that the area extends to 180.073,67 m2, the developer foresees donating over 77.000 m2 to the Municipality free of charge, once the management and operations of the Action Unit have been completed, even though this is not required by urban planning regulation.

Of this area, 22.548 m2 is expected to be designated garden and environmental areas as well as cultural routes. In addition, there is a plot called “No. 14” with a surface area of ​​1.687 m2 reserved for environmental purposes, which will receive special attention and have a focus on the conservation of the habitat, maintaining native species as well as preventing the proliferation of invasive species, countering any potential influence the project development may have.

In a similar fashion, the building housing the museum that will host the Phoenician Ship will be located on a 8.862 square metre plot Urbincasa will provide free of charge, as well as a 380 m2 plot for public use that will be outfitted for the conservation of the bases of the “Altos Hornos de la fundición Santa Elisa” (High Furnaces of the Santa Elisa Foundry) considered of cultural interest.

«We will return 40% of the surface area of our property to the residents of Mazarron, which will contribute to the development and implementation of environmental and cultural actions that will directly influence the quality of life of all the residents of the area» states Francisco Cervantes, General Director of Urbincasa.

“Developing this project involves a considerable economic investment that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on both the local economy and tax-collection for the Mazarrón Municipality”, says Cervantes. As for the construction works, the budgeted amount is expected to exceed 31 million euros, with an additional 18 million euros for housing equipment, which adding the payment of municipal taxes (€ 1.2 million €) amount to an investment of over 50 million euros, generating more than one hundred jobs in the process.

Urbincasa has been backing the Municipality of Mazarron for decades. In particular, they have previously developed an Action Unit in Mazarrón port called “Parque del Faro” and at present they are developing the Partial Plan for the El Faro Sector, which is located between the port and “La Isla” beach. A privileged area as far as natural environment and central location are concerned, and fully consolidated. The plot has a characteristic orography, which allows for views of the sea and the port, which make it extremely attractive. The perfect connections the Port of Mazarron provides, where the newly created highways stand out, as well as the varied leisure offer, local celebrations and festivities, nature reserves, beaches and marina (leisure port) make it a very attractive destination for those who wish to purchase a home on the coast.

About Urbincasa
Urbincasa is a developer that has been active for more than 50 years, and as such has been able to overcome the difficult moments accompanying economic crisis, mainly thanks to the fantastic team and the company’s technical and economic solvency. The influence area of ​​ our projects is the Alicante and Murcia coastline, developing exclusive performance at exceptional locations.

Until now, Urbincasa has developed close to 7.000 homes, managing the building process from start to finish; from plot selection, project design, execution and supervision to marketing, sales and the extensive after-sales service. The company strives to permanently adapt to, and exceed, our clients’ expectations and requirements regarding quality and technology.

Urbincasa is a company linked to the Zamora Company food group, body and soul of the world famous ‘Licor 43’ liqueur.

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