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Recovering part of Alicante’s economic heritage and history by integrating it into our Centrum Building project

January 18th, 2019 by

Modernism and tradition can definitely be conjoined. This becomes clear from the initiative Urbincasa has adopted, and which announces the integration of the columns that flanked the access to an old flour factory into one of our most outstanding projects, the “Edificio Centrum”.

Foto: José Navarro para Diario Información

The ornamental elements that denote the past industrial activities that have developed and shaped this area, located a mere 200 metres from the Alicante marina, were in danger of disappearing once the Centrum works began. «They were not listed as protected elements, nor did they have an alternative destination assigned by the City Council of Alicante», recalls Francisco Cervantes, General Director of Urbincasa and promoter of the initiative.

Detalle de los elementos bicolor de la portalada

By proposing this project, a historical structure composed of bicoloured stone columns, will be incorporated into one of our most luxurious projects. Francisco Cervantes says «this is not the first time we have adopted these types of decisions in our proposals, we always endeavour to be respectful of the history of those areas where we build.»”

Centrum, in the heart of Alicante, is a building conceived to impress and prompt people to fall in love with the modern and boutique design the building will stand out for, and have stunning common areas for recreational use, all the comforts of living in the city centre, and the wonderful climate and ambiance of the Mediterranean. So much even, that the development was very well received and 100% of the homes were sold as soon as they went on sale.

The development execution timeline ranges between 16 and 18 months, meaning that at the end of 2021 the historical entrance to the nineteenth-century Alicante Flour Mill will be restored and conserved, remaining in full view of the public, and integrated into a luxurious building with twelve three-bedroom apartments and two exclusive three- and four-bedroom penthouses.

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