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Our Developments progress with confidence and safety

April 27th, 2020 by

Urbincasa has given a boost to the construction work of its different developments after restarting the activity last week after the break of the Holy Week and the compliance with the stop required by the Royal Decree-law 10/2020.

The work has been started again with energy and, above all, in compliance with the prevention and safety measures established by the health authorities. 

We have a team of people fully committed with the practice of their duties, but also, fully aware of the safety as a guarantee so that everything can keep on working as usual. 

In our sites of Residential Los Flamencos in La Manga del Mar Menor, the anticipation of the Technical Team has made that all the tasks have been resumed with absolute normality. This way, there are clear progresses in the insulation of the south façade and the roof is already waterproofed.At the same time, the lining of facing brick of the stairs is being finished. 

In addition, the homes are taking shape, with the completion of the wall partitions while we have started the ceramic tiling.

We continue, therefore, with strength, energy and, above all, a lot of illusion to keep progressing in our projects having in mind always our customers satisfaction.

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